2020 Best Bottle Decoration: Universal Packaging’s Amy Haselman

Family-owned Universal Packaging started in 1985 in Vernon, B.C., creating screen-printed glass bottles for craft beverage brands. “When people send us designs, we push the envelope. We want to deliver something even better than they envisioned,” says Amy Haselman, creative director. “We also have lots of long-term employees, some who’ve been with us since the beginning.” This level of customer service knowledge and longevity in the industry are two things Haselman cites as reasons for Universal’s success, along with its ability to innovate as time moves forward.

The company’s new website features multiple examples of its bottle decoration techniques. “We have metallic paint; we can do wraps of more than 360 degrees, including the neck and sometimes the shoulder. We also have coatings and frostings that you can see through into the bottle, as well as a wide range of colors,” she says. “For example, we can put two or three different colors on a single bottle, for a sort of ombre look. We can decorate tiny bottles up to 9 liters.”

Today, Universal has two warehouses, one of which holds the new offering of its own glass. It offers plain or decorated bottles, as well as custom-mold bottles. It also supplies Vinoseal closures, label design services, cartons, and more, making it a one-stop shop for your needs.