Author: Margarett Waterbury

Last Call: Bushwacker Cider (Portland, Ore.)

In 2009, Jeff Smith was just a regular guy who loved beer. Then, one day, he got a notion: Casual beer bars and bottle shops were popping up everywhere. Would the same model work for cider? Jeff and his wife, Erin, opened Bushwhacker Cider, the nation’s very first cider bar, in 2010. How did it feel to do something so new? “It was scary, but it was also comforting,” he says. “Nobody had done it, so nobody could say how it should be or how it was supposed to look.” It’s a classic Portland story, and Bushwhacker still exemplifies...

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The Crawl: Portland, Ore.

Call me biased, but there’s no better place in the country to be thirsty than Portland, Oregon. Other cities might be bigger, fancier, or more famous, but Portland has it all: astonishingly good local wine, a world-famous (and world-influencing) brewing scene, one of the most well-established craft distilling communities in the nation, award-winning cideries, and enough bars to make visiting them all feel like a lifetime project. Plus, we’ve been doing this for a long time. Other cities seemed to discover beers beyond Budweiser in about 2009, but we’ve been debating our positions on high-alpha hops and cask conditioning...

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