2020 Best Labels: MCC (Multi-Color Corporation)

Cincinnati, Ohio-based Multi-Color Corporation (MCC) prides itself on working with clients from the beginning to ensure the right match between design and technology. With all types of printing presses under one roof (flexographic, offset, and digital) at its wine and spirits-focused facilities, its flexibility and expertise are well regarded.

Established in 1916, MCC offers specialized label creation for multiple industries across the globe. Now with 86 manufacturing facilities in 26 countries, it employs more than 9,700 people worldwide. Its wine and spirits-focused locations are in Napa, Calif.; Montreal, Quebec; Mason, Ohio; and San Luis Obispo, Calif.

“We’re always exploring new innovations such as embellishments, paper stock, and sustainable materials,” says Monica Royer, marketing project manager. “Right now, there’s a trend toward alternative substrates like metal and wood, and specialized inks that do things like glow in the dark or change color according to temperature.”

She also points out the company’s technical knowledge as an important part of its success. “Some of our press operators and research and development teams have been with us more than 30 years; they really know their stuff and can guide projects from beginning to end to ensure the best possible outcome.”