Vermouth connoisseurs will be pleased to learn that Verney Vermouth is now available in the United States courtesy of A. Hardy USA, Ltd. Vermouth was discovered in Turin, Italy in the mid-1800’s as a natural evolution of liqueur wine. Verney Vermouth is created by masterfully blending wormwood, parietta grass, sarieula, orange peel, calamus, coriander, orris and chamomile in large vats and then soaked and softened for several weeks. When the perfect balance between aromatics and bitters has been achieved, the sugars are adjusted to obtain the required level of sweetness. Verney Vermouth was formulated from an old recipe created by Abbé Edouard Berard, a botanist from the Aosta Valley region of Italy.

A. Hardy USA, Ltd. president Mark Levinson continues to expand the company’s portfolio of premium products. “We are delighted to import this new vermouth because classic cocktails such as martinis and manhattans are now trendy and popular in hotels, restaurants and clubs,” said Levinson. “We expect this trend to grow and continue for some time.”

Also new to the A. Hardy portfolio is Amaro Dente di Leone, a wild dandelion-based liqueur. Dente de Leone (Italian for wild dandelion) is a common plant whose roots, leaves and flowers are all edible. Traditionally, it was used as a base for herbal medicines and liqueurs and is believed to be beneficial for health and digestion. Amaro Dente di Leone is made from the preferred mountain variety with its smaller, heartier leaves and intense aroma. This complex Amaro blends dandelion with gentian and genepy herbs. It is sweetened with a touch of muscovado sugar.

Verney Vermouth and Amaro Dente di Leone liqueur are both packaged in one-liter bottles. They will be available nationally in the U.S. in the coming weeks.

For additional information about Verney Vermouth, Amaro Dente di Leone and other A. Hardy USA products write to: A. Hardy USA, 1400 Touhy Avenue, Suite 120, Des Plaines, IL 60018. Call (847) 298-2358 or view the company’s web site at:

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