Daniel Kulisek brings over 20 years of taste and expertise to renowned Philadelphia restaurant

Bank & Bourbon, an inherently American restaurant located in the booming culinary destination of Philadelphia, is pleased to welcome Daniel Kulisek as Bourbon Master.

In this role, Daniel will oversee Bank & Bourbon’s innovative barrel-aged cocktail program and its extensive collection of bourbon, whiskey and rye. At the restaurant, he will work closely with the entire beverage team to craft fresh and creative seasonal cocktails using the finest house-aged spirits and manage the private barrel-aging locker membership program. Daniel will also lead the restaurant’s exclusive Bourbon Tastings, new Distiller Happy Hours Series and highly curated dinners and pairings with some the industry’s most elite brands such as Woodford Reserve and Four Roses.

“Picking a drink to enjoy or pair with your meal can often be overwhelming,” says Dan Rivas, General Manager of Bank & Bourbon. “Daniel will help guide our guests through this process, help to educate them on the notes that they taste and smell, and also assist guests with pairing the right spirit with the right food for a memorable beverage and food experience.”

In order to create those perfect pairs, Kulisek traveled to Kentucky to handpick two barrel selections to showcase at the restaurant. Bank & Bourbon now features Russell’s Reserve Private Barrel and Four Roses Single OESK. Russell’s Reserve is made from the standard Wild Turkey mash bill of 72/13/12 (Corn/Rye/Barley) and has been aged for 10 years. This particular barrel of bourbon shows characteristics of caramel and vanilla, offers up notes of red fruits, especially cherry and a hint of spice making it beautifully well-balanced. The Four Roses Single OESK uses one of two mash bills; the “E” mash is 80/20 (Corn/Rye). Although this whiskey is high in corn, it has strong notes of spice, which comes from the “K.” Also aged for ten years, it has notes of tobacco, toffee and cinnamon.

Bourbon isn’t the only star at Bank & Bourbon. The restaurant menu is constantly changing to incorporate the best local and seasonal ingredients around. Partnering with Chef Joe Thomas Jr., Daniel will perfectly pair the caramel, vanilla and oak flavors that often embody bourbon with Bank & Bourbon’s signature dishes such as charcuterie boards, dry-aged steaks and delectable desserts.

Kulisek brings over 20 years of experience to his role as Bourbon Master. He most recently worked at Square 1682, where he ran the restaurant’s beverage program, overseeing their wine and spirits collection. Daniel has also traveled extensively learning firsthand about different distilleries and the different methods of whiskey production.

Daniel resides in Audubon, New Jersey with his wife Laura, and son Danny. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, as well as writing and music performance.

So whether you prefer sweet aromatics, green notes of anything grassy, spices like pepper, fruit or florals, grab a seat and let our Bourbon Master do the rest.

Check out Bourbon Master Daniel Kulisek’s full Kentucky experience here: https://vimeo.com/337322271. For more information on our new Bourbon Master and took book your private tasting experiences, please visit: http://bankandbourbon.com/events_happenings.html.

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