Each stopper sequesters up to 148g of CO2, allowing producers to meet targets in line with the UN’s 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

Napa, CA (October 21, 2020)—Amorim Top Series (ATS) has become the trusted partner for spirits producers around the world urgently seeking solutions to offset the high carbon footprint associated with its production, transportation, and packaging processes.

Demonstrating its firm commitment to sustainability and verified by rigorous independent carbon footprint studies, Amorim’s high-quality stoppers offer solutions for spirits producers looking for reliable, scientifically confirmed data to reduce the net CO2 levels associated with production.

A series of recent studies conducted independently by EY Consultants provide important data on the levels of carbon sequestration of different Amorim stoppers. When considering the carbon sequestration of cork oak forests and emissions associated with production of the product, the range of Top Series stoppers averaged a significant CO2 retention rate ranging from 87g (natural cork stopper with a plastic capsule for spirits) to148g (neutrotop stopper with wooden capsule for spirits).

Cork has excellent sustainability credentials: cork forests constitute vital biodiversity hotspots; cork is harvested without damaging the tree; 100% of all cork extracted is used; and cork is 100% sustainable, recyclable, and renewable. These factors are further increased by Amorim’s innovation, including the natural cork stopper with a wooden capsule.

“Consumers are more aware than ever of the urgent need to decarbonize the products we consume,” states Hugo Mesquita, sales and marketing director at Amorim Top Series. “The world’s main spirits players, as well as craft producers, are making a tremendous commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. We are delighted that these independent studies have demonstrated that our products can make a big contribution to this goal. We are living in a pivotal moment where every little step in the fight against global warming matters.”

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About Corticeira Amorim

Corticeira Amorim is the leading world producer of cork products, having been involved in the sector since 1870. The company’s product portfolio covers various sectors, including, among others, wine, construction, flooring, aeronautics, automotive and footwear. It has implemented an integrated production process that ensures that no cork is wasted, and it supports various initiatives for collecting and recycling cork stoppers across five continents.

About Amorim Cork America

Amorim Cork America is the North American sales and distribution division located in Napa, California. We provide top notch solutions that guarantee a customized approach tailored to each client’s needs. Amorim Cork America’s sales and management team provides expert knowledge to winemakers, distillers, technical support, quality assurance managers and wine and spirits marketers in all facets of cork closures.

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