OneCircle proudly announces the launch of the 1/6 Barrel (bbl) KeyKeg and UniKeg which has been developed and produced in and for the USA. This size connects seamlessly to the distribution channel, stock, and dispensing systems. The 1/6 barrel is the best opportunity to create business and increase the volume of products sold in the American market.

The USP’s for the packaging: KeyKeg and UniKeg, remain the same with on top of it the size you prefer for the market you serve.

• NOW AVAILABLE 1/6 Barrel
• Superior barrier: locking in freshness and proven longer shelf life (bag-in-keg)
• Dispense with any type of gas | including air
• Extremely damage and pressure-resistant |Double wall design
• Customised branding possibilities to grow your brands visibility
• Perfectly stackable and stable for handling and logistics
• 100% recyclable and circular by design

• NOW AVAILABLE 1/6 Barrel (Sankey D)
• Extremely damage and pressure-resistant |Double wall design
• Lightweight
• Perfectly stackable and stable for handling and logistics
• Customised branding possibilities to grow your brands visibility
• Preflushed with nitrogen
• 100% recyclable

You can order the 1/6 bbl KeyKeg or UniKeg directly via our webshop our contactperson at OneCircle. For more information:

Notes to editors
KeyKeg and Unikeg are serving thousands of happy customers from warehouses, and sales offices spread worldwide and production facilities in the United States, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the company’s native Netherlands. Across all continents, breweries, winemakers, producers of soft drinks, and other beverages are making the switch to KeyKeg and UniKeg.

Sustainable packaging solution

The family-owned business has an eye for the long term and especially for the environment. For this reason, OneCircle ( was launched to create and implement collection networks in several countries and, where possible, adding to the existing waste streams.

To date, OneCircle has started successful collection and recycling projects in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, France, and Belgium and is exploring effective networks in other countries around the globe.

OneCircle has also joined the Plastic Alliance and signed its declaration that its products meet the European Union’s environmental criteria. Hence, no additional tax needs to be levied on its products.
One Circle’s activities are continuous work in progress. Still, we are committed to taking responsibility for the end of life of our kegs and partnering with relevant businesses to create a circular economy.

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