Innovative Oak Introduces Spiritized™ Spirals
Pre-Soaked Oak Alternative Saturated in Top-Shelf Whiskey
Spiritized Spirals™ Add Attractive Whiskey Flavors and Aromas
To Beer Without Needing Used Whiskey Barrels

ST CLOUD, MN — May 16, 2018 — In response to a growing need for used whiskey barrels by craft beer producers, St. Cloud-based Innovative Oak today announced Spiritized Spirals™, a new oak alternative to used whiskey barrels when the unique flavor and aroma of a spirit is desired in craft beer. A proprietary process created by Innovative Oak soaks a spirit, such as Bourbon, into the popular spiral-shaped oak alternative, Oak Infusion Spiral® made by The Barrel Mill of Avon, Minnesota. The toasted and saturated Spiritized Spirals™ are immediately packaged and sealed to retain freshness and arrive ready to submerge and integrate into the beverage. Spiritized Spirals make the crafting of “barrel-aged” beer easier, faster, safer and more economical than filling used, drained Bourbon barrels with beer.

Introduced this month in Nashville, Tennessee at Brew Expo America, part of the 2018 Craft Brewers Conference, Spiritized Spirals™ come as a 4-ft long “Tank Pack” size which treats a volume of 10-20 barrels of beer and creates whiskey barrel-like results without the space required of used barrels. The spiral-cut barrel alternative product is available in five different woods, four different toasts and one char level. With a wide variety of spirit options, such as Bourbon, Rye, Scotch, Cognac, Brandy—even Tequila—the number of wood-spirit combinations is virtually unlimited.

“Until now, beer and wine producers who wanted the unique flavors and aromas of a used whiskey barrel in their beverage would have to locate a supplier of used whiskey barrels–which has become increasingly difficult–and then wait up to a year for their beer to age in barrel and blend with the whiskey-stained oak of the barrel,” said Richard Hobbs, President of Innovative Oak. “Our Spiritized Spirals eliminate the search for barrels and greatly reduce the integration time frame.”

Charles Aaron, co-owner and brewer at Jersey Girl Brewing in Hackettstown, New Jersey claims, “We had outstanding results using Oak Spirals pre-soaked in Bourbon on our IPA #2. In order to get the same aromatics and flavors from used Bourbon barrels it would have cost us way more in time, effort and money, not to mention taking the risk of getting funk from bad barrels or oxidation of beer while in barrel.”

Spiritized Spirals are also available as a “Barrel Pack”, applicable to one to two barrels of beer. Spiritized Spirals need just a few weeks of contact time with beer to fully extract. For accelerated integration, re-circulating beer through the wood spirals can reduce time to just days in some cases.

For a trial-size pack, contact Innovative Oak at or (320) 980-5374.

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About the Company
Innovative Oak is based in Central Minnesota specializing in supplying spirit-soaked Infusion Spiral® systems to the craft beer and wine industries.


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