Become a master mixologist in the comfort of your own home with Viski! If your lifestyle revolves around entertaining others, sophisticated barware is a must. A refined set of glassware turns a dinner party into a soiree. A beautifully, yet professionally designed set of barware essentials turns a home cocktail crafter into a master mixologist.

Bring Out the Ultimate Bartender in you with Viski

Viski offers collections of fine barware and accessories that extend beyond a desirable aesthetic. A number of Viski’s products, particularly bartending tools, were designed in collaboration with working bartenders. The Seattle-based company is honoring traditions and taking inspiration from famous moments or motifs in design, but interpreting them in new ways by using high-quality materials.

These bar essentials aren’t just visually stunning, they’re professional-grade:

Warren Gunmetal Black Cocktail Shaker – “Shake up” the basic barware look with Viski’s 25-ounce contoured gunmetal black version of a classic French-style shaker. Take the advice of Viski, if you’re going to shake up noticeable cocktails, do it in an eye-catching way.

Warren Gunmetal Black Canterbury Jigger – The slender hourglass frame of this jigger makes mixing spirits a breeze, while inner rings mark the perfect pour. Not only will you be mixing drinks faster and easier, you’ll be doing it in style with a design that’s a throwback to post-Prohibition.

Warren Gunmetal Black Trident Barspoon – This trendy bar spoon is a two-in-one tool for quick sizzling and stirring on one end and a forked tip on the other for spearing the perfect garnish to top off your finished cocktails.

Viski Professional Lewis Ice Bag and Mallet – A true mixologist knows that the standard ice cube isn’t used in all cocktails. Use this professional-grade canvas ice bag, based on the original Lewis design and accompanied by a heavy hardwood mallet to crush ice to the size needed for your drink. The canvas material naturally absorbs excess water, creating dryer ice. This is truly a professional bar essential that will take yours at home to the next level.

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