New York, New York | June 1, 2019 – NYC-based Hella Cocktail Co., a craft manufacturer of premium nonalcoholic mixers and bitters, presents their newest product to the spirits market and beyond: Hella Bitters & Soda. For the first time, the cocktail lover’s booze-free staple is available in a beautifully designed, ready-to-drink format. Based on Hella’s very own proprietary bitters, Bitters & Soda is a premium sparkling mixer that gets its smart refreshing flavor from a Gentian Tincture made in the South of France.

Hella Cocktail Co.’s Bitters & Soda is out of this world. Extremely versatile, you could crush a whole can in a couple sips or mix with a range of spirits. Outstanding stuff. ~ Ray Latif, Producer & Contributing Editor @ BevNet

Gentian Tincture
The consumer palate in the U.S. has become more international and receptive to bitter and intense flavors, in conjunction with a macro-trend toward lower-ABV cocktails. This is evidenced by a 50 percent lift in sales for Aperol, an aperitif made famous by the daytime Aperol Spritz cocktail. Hella’s Bitters & Soda inspiration comes from the root of gentian, a flowering European plant and the famously bitter source for Aperol and other popular bitter cocktail ingredients. Gentian has a long and rich history of use as a beer flavoring, an appetite stimulant and an herbal medicine.

“Digestive bitters are herbs that support digestive function by stimulating bitter receptors on the tongue, stomach, gallbladder and pancreas. Their primary effect is to promote digestive juices such as stomach acid, bile and enzymes to breakdown food and assist in the absorption of nutrients.” Dr. Shannon Sarrasin, ND

Each of the two variants of Bitters & Soda are centered around the same traditional “Baking Spices” flavor profile of Hella’s flagship bitters formula: Hella Aromatic Bitters. What makes the variants unique are their individualized approaches to contemporary mega-trends of low or no sugar nutrition, low or no alcohol drinking occasions, and plant-driven wellness products.

Spritz Aromatic
Weighing in at the same caloric value (70 calories) as Fever Tree Tonic Waters, Spritz Aromatic is a bittered cocktail mixer that drinks like an effervescent non-alcoholic Negroni. This one-step cocktail ingredient feels equally capable of dressing down a Provence Rosé Spritz as it does mingling with the brooding oak of Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

Dry Aromatic
Don’t take it from us. Bitters are an effective and long-trusted aid to stimulate and facilitate healthy digestion. Dry Aromatic variant contains Zero Sugar (5 calories) and enough Aromatic bitters to impart a crisp and, dare we say, dry flavor profile that feels just right day or night.

Bitters & Soda is a mark of expert craft, taste, and discovery — perfectly paired with your favorite spirit or on its own. Find your bright spot.

About Hella Cocktail Co.
Hella Cocktail Co. is a mixology company crafted with integrity and rooted in discovery for everyone who wants to taste more and know more. Our mission is to inspire new tastes and endless discovery in the hearts, minds, and bellies of people everywhere. We provide the inspiration and ingredients for your own experimentation, opening the aperture in mixology and we hope well beyond. We equip you with knowledge and comfort in your own mixology journey. You can impress yourself and guests knowing you’re doing all the right things.

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