“Crazy For You” Combines Wine with 3D Augmented Reality

Wine Brand Set to Take on Industry with New Tech Experience

Miami, FL – Crazy for You and Loco por ti Wines, emerge as an innovative idea, that has been evoked from a brilliant mind in a poetry class. Jose A. Harber is the founder of an exquisite wine line, where he expresses the idea of love and romance. And now he wants to break with the old ideas, by combining technology with the ancient experience that many cultures in the world have, drinking wine. This is how the Nvivo, Mas Vivo, Bvivo apps were born, the idea of sending a 3D augmented reality message to the ones we love, through this apps, while we share a sophisticated glass of wine. Wit mixes with art once again in a whole new way.

Haber started in the wine industry in 2009, as a wine and spirits brand representative, here is were he learn the art of making wine that has been passed down through the generations. His natural gift for writing led him to express his creativity in a couple of books in Spanish, so that, he realized that he wants to improve his skills, so he decided to take classes in English and creative writing in college. After a while, sitting in the poetry class, writing about the strongest feeling that can be lived, the idea came to his mind to unite his passion for writing and creating wines. He wanted to attract all kinds of audiences to delight with the rich flavors that wines provided together with the art of seeing and hearing a story, a message that reached the hearts of everyone.

Now this idea has reached its peak, with the three apps that accompanying his wine brand. He is currently working on two virtual simulation projects, one involving augmented reality that will aid visitors at bars when deciding on what to drink. “It’s an application where we scan a bottle—we’re doing it with gin—where the label is a barcode,” said Haber. The label will prompt a virtually augmented AI system to come out of the bottle. Haber explains “It’ll say: ‘Hi, my name is Ana, what would you like to drink?”. This AI system is programmed to help you with how to make drinks with the spirit of your choice and even giving you an advice in what kind of food order that combining with the wine will highlight the flavors on your palate.

To develop his projects, Haber has decided that the students of the school where he had his great idea would be the right people to work with, since he knows how important it is to help young people who will be masters of the future. In this way he become a mentor for many students, such as Adriana Diaz that understood how this experience will change her life forever. “At first, I was still on the fence since it’s hard to know exactly what you are getting into if you’ve never owned your own business”, Diaz says. “This job has only further convinced me to pursue that dream.”

This is how this brand has become no just an innovator way of seeing the wine culture, but also a great opportunity for students to start their careers with the help of an experienced businessman with the soul of an artist passionate about love and helping people

This 3D augmented reality project will be launched on the market together with its peer for boxes of chocolates. All in order to ensure memorable romantic evenings for all his clients. For now you can download the three apps (Nvivo, Mas Vivo, Bvivo) on the AppStore, so you can share the beautiful message that each bottle of wine have, with your lover, to continue fanning the flames that reside in the heart of each other.

For additional information on Crazy for You wines please visit: www.qvivobrands.com
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