True to the fruit and true to the environment — that is the “ethic” in Ethic Ciders. Offering a line of flavor-forward ciders crafted for a mindful, modern consumer, Ethic Ciders is launching their first canned cider on October 6th, 2020. Scarlett , the first in the debut of these ciders, was inspired by the owner’s bright, beautiful and bold seven year old niece Scarlett. Available in 16 oz can format, handsomely designed by visual artists Ian Macnider and Neil Hubert, these cans are made of 100% organic dry-farmed apples with freshly picked raspberries and blackberries grown on the Cider Apple Farm in Sebastopol, CA.  This cider is less than 100 calories, naturally gluten-free, lightly effervescent, vegan,  and free of sulfites. With a perfect complement to an active lifestyle, Ethic Ciders are geared towards the discerning imbiber; those who care about their health and the contents of their beverage.

Lively, light and refreshing, the canned Scarlett cider ushers the full experience of summer berries into the glass for year-round enjoyment. Aromatic and refreshing, with no added sugar, fine velvety bubbles and an alluring color make for a delightful drink. Incredibly food-friendly, Ethic Ciders please the palate while promoting environmental health.

“Do unto others as you would do unto ourselves — that’s the golden rule,” says Ethic Ciders Founder, Ned Lawton, whose ethos reverberates through every facet of his sustainable business. The idea of interconnectedness, not just as people but with the earth, shows in his prioritization of caring for the land.

Believing exceptional cider starts in the orchard, Ethic Ciders utilizes regenerative agriculture practices, creating a sustainable product they can be proud of. Implementing ecological farming techniques like dry farming, cover cropping, compost applications and livestock integration, Ethics Ciders humble operation sequesters carbon away from the atmosphere, where it’s doing harm, and into the soil where it’s an asset to the apple trees. Committed to clean, quality ingredients and honest craftsmanship, Ethic Ciders’ renowned cidermaker, Dwight Harrington, who has also worked with Sonoma Cider and Reverend Nat’s, creates a distinctive libation that conveys a fresh fruit complexity, balance and a true taste of place.

Ethic Ciders makes sparkling dry ciders that offer an authentic taste of Sonoma County’s heirloom apple growing heritage through a modern take on America’s oldest craft beverage. Gather around the table, connect across the globe, and celebrate land and community with Ethic Ciders.


About Ethic Ciders:

Ethic Ciders has been making orchard- based, sustainable ciders for over four years and has been  awarded top ratings from the Good Food Awards & International Cider Competition. Ethic Ciders adheres to three core principles Cutivate, Craft and Connect

Ethic Ciders is committed to authentic Cultivation born out of a commitment to land stewardship which includes growing 100% certified organic fruit, minimal tillage on the land and deepening biodiversity across our farm. The farm is USDA certified organic. They hold a Fish-Friendly Certification from California Land Stewardship Institute and have been funded by NRCS to practice Carbon Farming techniques to improve carbon sequestration.

Ethic Ciders Crafts it’s ciders with an eye to the authenticity of our region’s heirloom apples with a modern take on America’s oldest craft beverage. They are committed to preserving the unique flavor of the fruit by fermenting apple varieties separately and uniquely blending them together to achieve a balance and depthness of flavor.

Ethic Ciders are ultimately in business to foster meaningful Connections between friends, coworkers and communities over a shared glass of cider.  Each year, we open our farm to school groups to get their hands in agriculture and to foster educational seminars and tastings that help our communities to become better stewards of our ecosystem.

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