Pennsylvania-based Faber Distilling Co. (Faber) is increasing its production of hand sanitizer (Faber Hand Sanitizer) to meet growing demand from first responders, individuals, and businesses making plans to re-open. Despite supply chain disruptions, Faber has overcome obstacles to ensure their hand sanitizer, formulated in compliance with the guidelines of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is available in stores and online – with zero ‘out of stock’ issues.

The Faber team has been supplying hospitals, truck drivers, and first responders since it first made the switch from producing its high-quality vodkas, gin, and rum. The company has also made its 80 percent alcohol antiseptic hand sanitizer available directly to consumers too.

“It is no secret that essential businesses and services need hand sanitizer to maintain operations. However, as more businesses make plans to re-open, many are experiencing difficulties and frustrations sourcing much-needed hand sanitizer,” said Faber spokesperson Ashleigh Baldwin. “We are producing abundant supplies of high-quality sanitizer to relieve the anxieties of businesses preparing to safely conduct business again.”

In addition to supporting first responders with hand sanitizer, 2 percent of sanitizer sales is donated to support the First Responder Children’s Foundation.

Faber’s has increased production allowing its product to be shipped directly to businesses and consumers in a variety of pack sizes – even by the pallet load.

“If a company needs a few bottles, several cases, or even truck loads, we have the capacity and inventory to supply,” Baldwin continued. “We are proud to be supporting the health of our users, but also the health of the economy, by supplying the hand sanitizer needed to protect customers and employees. We look forward to helping business and community leaders remove this supply obstacle to safely and responsibly reopen businesses locally, and throughout the United States.”

To obtain Faber Hand Sanitizer for your home or business while simultaneously supporting first responders, please visit

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