Firestone & Robertson Distilling Co. is proud to release TX Bourbon Founder’s Select on January 30, 2020 sold exclusively at Whiskey Ranch in Fort Worth, Texas. Leonard Firestone & Troy Robertson, founders of the Fort-Worth based brand, have each hand selected a barrel of TX Bourbon Single Barrel boasting unique flavor profiles and characteristics.

Both selections have a limited availability with only 230 bottles of each for purchase.

Bourbon advocates are invited on Thursday, January 30th from 2 – 7 p.m. to experience the launch and purchase one of each of the limited-edition bottles for themselves. The line will open at 12 p.m. To celebrate the release, Leonard and Troy will be signing bottles throughout the day. For more information please visit

Leonard’s pick, Barrel #1432, was distilled and barreled at 120 proof on November 16, 2015. The bourbon includes tasting notes of caramel, baked apple, savory, oak, wood spice, maple and brown spice after it was distilled down to its final bottle proof of 90.

“I really love barrel #1432,” said Firestone. “On the nose, I get a distinct aroma of baked apple. When I tasted the bourbon, I was shocked by the amount of maple and brown sugar notes!”

Barrel #1432 highlights the expansion and growth of the F&R brand, as it started at the reclaimed prohibition-era warehouse before transferring to the expansive 112-acre Whiskey Ranch.

“This particular barrel had an interesting life,” Leonard shares, “we initially stored it in a fairly dark corner of our original distillery because we were running out of space. Once we built Whiskey Ranch, it moved to the third floor of the rickhouse – just about halfway up and in the center of the barn. In its original location, it would not have experienced significant temperature swings. Whereas at Whiskey Ranch, it most certainly did. It spent about half its maturing life in each spot. I think it’s really fantastic.”

Troy’s pick, Barrel #1412, was distilled and barreled at 120 proof on November 5, 2015. The 90-proof bottle is a creamy & rich, nutty bourbon including notes of cream soda, smoke, and fig.

Troy shares his witty insight to selecting his barrel stating, “Like with my children, I don’t have a favorite but each child (and barrel) have their own unique traits and characteristics – I chose barrel #1412 for its complexity and balance, with a creamy/rich taste pairing perfectly with notes of fig.  A glass of this single barrel is a welcomed companion on a chilly winter’s night.”

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