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Flavorman sees spike in ready-to-drink spirits market

Makes up 40% of new business requests


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (October 15, 2018) – Flavorman, the world’s leading beverage and flavor development company, is seeing enormous market growth in ready-to-drink, pre-mixed cocktail products— now the company’s second most-requested development service.

According to market trends, more and more consumers are looking to cut out the bartending middle man, opting instead to enjoy their favorite beverages in as little time as it takes to open a can or a bottle— no tip required. But consumers aren’t reaching for just any mixed drink— they’re going for the cozy nostalgia provided by regional classics, like Louisville’s mint julip, New York’s Manhattan or Washington D.C.’s famous Ricky.

Drawing on Flavorman’s creative expertise, beverage entrepreneurs from across the nation are responding to shifts in the market to develop their own delicious, ready-to-serve regional favorites. As the leading beverage and flavor development authority, Flavorman is changing what the world drinks by creating custom beverages with rich, bold flavors that level up any standard cocktail. Consumers demand convenience and deliciousness.

“We work closely with our clients by putting together talented teams of experts focused on crafting the perfect, custom formula and testing it on the market,” says David Defoe, founder and CEO of Flavorman. “We’re very good at what we do, because we’re always investing in ways to get better.”

Access to the most innovative ingredients, superior technical expertise and cutting-edge technology have allowed Flavorman to streamline its development process, meaning that ideas become reality much faster. Flavorman’s success in the industry is defined by a determination to pave the way toward a new era of spirits, investing in innovative ingredients that go beyond packing a flavor punch.

Most recently, Flavorman joined a handful of US companies exploring the potential for cannabidiol-use in the beverage industry, working diligently to develop more broadly marketable, easier-to-drink CBD-infused beverages with the same great taste and quality of their other products— with health benefits to boot.

Flavorman is making the next generation of classics, putting a new, exciting spin on beloved regional cocktails. Imagine winding down from a long day with a CBD-infused Old Fashioned— you won’t be able to find this at your local bar!



Flavorman, founded by David Dafoe, has evolved into an international custom beverage development company with worldwide brands in energy drinks, flavored spirits, ready to drink beverages, juices and mixers. The company marked its 55,000th formulation in 2018.


The concept behind Flavorman was to create a beverage incubator where entrepreneurs from across the country and around the world can send their ideas to the beverage campus with a plan to develop a new flavor or brand and develop the idea from concept, to production, to a store shelf. The concept has resulted in thousands of household staples, iconic brands and drinks that have defined generations. For more information visit


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