March 10, 2020, Kalamazoo, Michigan – Green Door Distilling Co., makers of award-winning craft spirits, are pleased to announce that Tyler Glasser, formerly Senior Distiller of FEW Spirits, has been hired as their new Head Distiller and Production Manager.
Mr. Glasser has won numerous awards for his work at FEW Spirits, located in Evanston, IL, where he started as a bottling volunteer before being hired on as a Distiller. In addition to distilling FEW’s flagship products, Mr. Glasser developed spirits such as a Maple wood smoked single malt whiskey, a smoked malt base aquavit, and a gin created using all local botanicals, in collaboration with the Chicago Botanical Gardens.
“I love fermentation. It is a beautiful thing to me and I am constantly experimenting by fermenting everything I can get my hands on. I make my own beer, hot sauces, kimchi, kombucha, jerky, ginger beer, and so many other things.”  -Tyler Glasser
Mr. Glasser is also an award-winning bartender. In 2019, he won the Chicago Nonprofit BandWith bartending competition. Named Springtime in Kyoto, Tyler made his winning cocktail with blueberries, thyme yuzu, sake, and tequila.
With a degree in Art History from the University of Colorado, a passion for cooking, music, and swimming, Tyler plans to bring an artistic approach to his creation of new spirits to Green Door’s line-up of existing products.
“We value our people and our team, and take the challenge of bringing someone in wholeheartedly. Tyler exhibited a passion and creativity for distillation that I knew would transfer well into the spirits he develops for Green Door. It was also clear that he’s simply a great human being and was up for the challenge. I’m excited by his background in art, mixology, culinary, and spirits because of the truly unique perspective on flavors he’ll bring to Green Door.”  -Josh Cook, Founder of Green Door Distilling Co.


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