Haykin Family Cider is an award-winning small batch cidery located In Aurora, CO. With tiny bubbles, they produce a sparkling wine-like cider in a variety of sweetness levels. Elevating the apple like wineries treat grapes, they highlight the flavor and complexity of interesting and unique apples. Each of their apple varietals are US grown and hand-picked by the cider maker, Daniel Haykin.

Haykin Family Cider suggests the following four varietals for the holiday season:

  • Jonathan 2018 Vintage:100% Jonathan apples – Ela Family Farms, CO – This apple is intensely flavored, with a powerful combination of tart and sweet. It is one of America’s classic heirlooms, discovered in 1826 in Woodstock, NY. It ferments white-wine like, with baked apple character, juicy fresh plums, and minerality. It is bright and refreshing, yeasty yet fruit forward. 7.4% ABV
  • Dabinett 2018 Vintage: 100% Dabinett apples – CiderView Orchards, WA – A famous English apple used exclusively for cider-making, not for fresh eating. Dabinett is bolder than most with big tannins, evoking dark chocolate, English breakfast tea, plums, burnt caramel and baked apple character. It is rich, thick and golden. 7.9% ABV
  • Ashmead’s Kernel 2018 Vintage: 100% Ashmead’s Kernel apples – CiderView Orchards, WA – A seedling planted by Dr. Ashmead in England around 1700, Ashmead’s Kernel is excellent for both eating and cider making, immediately evoking the character of a New Zealand sauvignon blanc, with notes of honeydew and lemon spree candy. It is boldly tart, fruity and aromatic. 7.3% ABV

And for those that can’t stray away from their favorite Red, they have a varietal for you: 

  • Niedzwetzkyana 2019 Vintage: 100% Niedzwetzkyana apples – CiderView Orchards, WA – Niedzwetzkyana is an ancient apple originally from Central Asia and is one of the earliest red-flesh apples to exist. The apple’s interior is a striking shade of crimson.  A strong red wine character introduces a bursting palate of tart cherries, cranberries, light baking spices, prominent tannin, barrel aged mouthfeel, minerality and a long creamy finish. 8.1% ABV

The above vintages retail for $12 for 375ml, $18.00 for 750ml, with the exception of Niedzwetzkyana which retails for $16 for 375ml, $25.00 for 750ml

Haykin Family Cider is vegan, gluten-free and kosher with no added sugars or flavorings – simply apples and yeast. The finished result is a delicious, high-end product that has been likened to a grower champagne.

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