(SAN FRANCISCO, CA; May 28, 2020)Frost Popsicles, a premium line of four alcoholic “poptails” ($24.99/10-pack; 6-7% ABV) and three non-alcoholic “paletas” ($12.50/10-pack) have made their way to the U.S., with the help of independent distributor BevStrat LLC, just in time for summer. Originally hailing from South Africa, these guilt-free frozen indulgences are made with quality, all-natural ingredients, using recyclable packaging and created with production methods that generate minimal waste.

The Frost Popsicles line is the vision of South African entrepreneurs and co-founders, Natasha Fagri and Jon-Marc De Carvalho, who first launched the brand in their home country in 2016. After nearly four years of success in business in South Africa, Frost Popsicles has officially made its debut in the California market, with plans to expand nationwide in the future.



All Frost Popsicles are low-calorie, free of artificial ingredients and GMOs, and have no added sugar. Frost Popsicles are vegan-friendly and gluten-free (with the exception of the Vanilla Coffee Paleta, which contains dairy, and the Bubbly Poptail, which contains gluten).


Frost Popsicles offers four alcoholic selections, or poptails, available to consumers age 21 and older in two variety cartons which contain 10x100ml offerings per carton for $24.99:

  • Passion Fruit & Peach Margarita (7% ABV, 29 Calories) – An agave spirit base with all-natural peach and passion fruit flavor extracts
  • Blood Orange Screwdriver (7% ABV, 38 Calories) – A grape-based, craft vodka-infused poptail with all-natural blood orange flavor extract
  • Bubbly (6% ABV, 98 Calories) – A fresh, crisp white wine blend
  • Blush (6% ABV, 86 Calories) – A subtly sweet blush still wine made from a blend of red and white grapes


Poptail Variety Cartons:

  • Wine-Based Poptail Variety Carton (10x100ml per carton), $24.99 – Includes 5 Blush Poptails and 5 Bubbly Poptails
  • Spirit-Based Poptail Variety Carton (10x100ml per carton), $24.99 – Includes 5 Blood Orange Screwdriver Poptails and 5 Passion Fruit & Peach Margarita Poptails



Frost Popsicles also offer three non-alcoholic selections, or paletas, in a variety carton which contains 10x100ml offerings per carton for $12.50:

  • Peach, Strawberry & Banana (63 Calories) – An all-natural blend of peach, strawberry, and banana
  • Pomegranate, Grapefruit & Hibiscus (66 Calories) – An all-natural pomegranate and grapefruit blend with hibiscus extract
  • Vanilla Coffee (52 Calories) – Gourmet coffee infused with authentic vanilla extract and skim milk powder


Paleta Variety Carton:

  • Non-Alcoholic Paleta Variety Carton (10x100ml per carton), $12.50 – Includes 3 Peach, Strawberry & Banana Paletas, 3 Pomegranate, Grapefruit & Hibiscus Paletas, and 4 Vanilla Coffee Paletas


For more information on Frost Popsicles, visit frostpopsicles.com/us. To connect with BevStrat, please email FrostPop@BevStrat.com.





Founded in 2016 by South African entrepreneurs Natasha Fagri and Jon-Marc De Carvalho, Frost Popsicles offers a premium line of alcoholic “poptails” and non-alcoholic “paletas” that are free of artificial ingredients, GMOs, and added sugar. To learn more visit frostpopsicles.com/us.

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