The iconic brand combines a longstanding legacy of bitters expertise with premium ingredients, including the finest locally sourced Trinitario cocoa, in its newest flavor innovation

 MOUNT PROSPECT, Ill., August, 2020 – Mizkan America, Inc., the exclusive North American distributor and sales agent for ANGOSTURA® bitters, announced the introduction of ANGOSTURA® cocoa bitters. Celebrated worldwide for its signature aromatic and orange bitters, The House of ANGOSTURA® debuts the third flavor innovation in its distinguished bitters line with the launch of ANGOSTURA® cocoa bitters. Crafted with fine and flavorful Trinitario cocoa, grown on the islands of Trinidad & Tobago where The House of ANGOSTURA has blended bitters for nearly 200 years, NEW ANGOSTURA cocoa bitters infuses aged spirits with top notes of rich, deep flavor complexities, adding fragrant layers to any drink, dish or sweet treat it touches. The ANGOSTURA brand’s unparalleled cocktail bitters expertise was instrumental in crafting the brand’s newest indulgent offering, which, through the rich flavor profile unique to Trinitario cocoa, brings to life sweet vermouth and aged spirits such as rum, cognac, brandy and tequila.

ANGOSTURA cocoa bitters is a custom blend of sumptuous top notes of rich, nutty cocoa, balanced with botanicals and light spice notes, with a lasting bitter finish. Rich and dark brown in hue, ANGOSTURA cocoa bitters envelops the nose in aromas of warm, inviting spices with floral and citrus undertones. Locally cultivated Trinitario cocoa combines with a bespoke blend of herbs, spices and botanicals to deliver this historic innovation. The unmatched flavor of ANGOSTURA cocoa bitters is derived from the finest ingredients, including Trinitario cocoa grown and harvested by local Trinidadian farmers, asserting the brand’s firm belief that the heart of bitters and cocktail culture lies in the stories ingredients tell. ANGOSTURA cocoa bitters brings undeniable flavor and richness to the bitters category, satisfying increasing preferences for ingredient complexity and offering vast opportunities for experimentation behind the bar. Emerging cocktailers, drinks’ enthusiasts and discerning professional mixologists alike will find that there are no limits when it comes to how ANGOSTURA cocoa bitters can be used in cocktails. Its cocoa tones complement a wide range of fine spirits, making it the ideal ingredient to remix classic cocktails or put the finishing flourish on niche pours.

“Dedicated to the art of perfectly balanced flavor profiles in its bitters creations, ANGOSTURA spent years developing its long-awaited cocoa-bitters blend,” said Mitch Cooper, North America Brand Lead for ANGOSTURA bitters at Mizkan America, Inc. “Marking the brand’s first bitters category innovation since the debut of ANGOSTURA® orange bitters in 2007, ANGOSTURA cocoa bitters is the result of premium ingredients and extensive flavor experimentation. The marriage of longstanding heritage and precision crafting has achieved a new level of artisanship in the creation of the brand’s latest portfolio addition.”

ANGOSTURA bitters has long served as the catalyst for enlivening premium cocktails, from classic to contemporary to tiki compositions. The brand’s legacy of complementing an array of drinks continues with the new ANGOSTURA cocoa bitters—just a dash breathes exotic island life and rich flavor into any cocktail. ANGOSTURA cocoa bitters is a key component in dark, indulgent cocktails, adding undeniable depth to classics like the Vieux Carré, the Gin Manhattan and the popular Espresso Martini.

“The versatility of ANGOSTURA cocoa bitters unlocks decadence and complexity in cocktails, balancing dessert-style beverages, classic drinks and everything in between,” said Chad Lawrence, North American Brand Ambassador for The House of ANGOSTURA. “This new bitters flavor is a multidimensional celebration for the senses that will take your nose and palate on a wondrous journey with every sip.”

The ANGOSTURA bitters legacy is closely intertwined with the provenance of its home of Trinidad & Tobago, the world’s leading producer of Trinitario cocoa since 1830. Trinitario cocoa boasts a legendary history on the islands, winning international recognition as the world’s finest cocoa hybrid. The House of ANGOSTURA sources all the Trinitario cocoa nibs used in crafting ANGOSTURA cocoa bitters from local farmers of Trinidad & Tobago. he House of ANGOSTURA is also proud to partner with the Cocoa Development Company of Trinidad & Tobago Limited™ (CDCTTL), a quality trademark for the locally produced Trinitario cocoa used in ANGOSTURA cocoa bitters.

“This partnership improves and protects the livelihoods of the islands’ farmers, while ensuring the highest ingredient quality,” said Peter Sandstrom, CEO at The House of ANGOSTURA. “As a brand that has been flavoring the world for nearly 200 years, ANGOSTURA placed a premium on creating a cocoa bitters that delivers on innovation, authenticity and natural ingredients, while also supporting the local farming community that was pivotal to its creation.”

ANGOSTURA cocoa bitters will begin rolling out in the U.S. in August 2020 at select grocery and liquor stores nationwide, with a suggested retail price of $8.99 per 4-oz. bottle. Like ANGOSTURA® aromatic and orange bitters, ANGOSTURA cocoa bitters is made with premium, kosher-certified ingredients. Visit for more information and custom, step-by-step cocoa bitters recipes, or follow along @angosturahouse on Instagram or using #AngoCocoa.

About The House of ANGOSTURA
The proud history of THE HOUSE OF ANGOSTURA began almost 200 years ago in 1824, when founder Dr. Johann Siegert first produced aromatic bitters in the city of Angostura in Venezuela. Recognized over the centuries by the granting of Royal Warrants of Appointment to the royal households of Great Britain, Prussia, Spain and Sweden, ANGOSTURA aromatic, orange and cocoa bitters are the world’s market leader, an integral ingredient in premium cocktails and a mainstay of cocktail culture. ANGOSTURA’s international range of rums, produced at the only rum distillery in Trinidad, includes five distinctive, exquisitely blended rums:  ANGOSTURA 1824®, ANGOSTURA® 1919, ANGOSTURA 7-Year Old, ANGOSTURA 5-Year Old and ANGOSTURA Reserva, blended by masters with years of experience and training in original traditions using closely guarded formulas and techniques. The multiple award-winning Amaro di ANGOSTURA leverages the brand’s unsurpassed heritage as a blender of the finest bitters and rums.

About Mizkan America, Inc.

Based in Mount Prospect, IL, Mizkan America, Inc., is a subsidiary of the Mizkan Group, a global, family-owned company that has been Bringing Flavor To Life™ for more than 215 years. As one of the leading makers of condiments and sauces in the United States, Mizkan America maintains 16 manufacturing facilities that serve the retail, foodservice, specialty-Asian and food-ingredient trade channels. Since 2005, Mizkan America has seen dramatic growth and their portfolio now includes a wide variety of vinegars, Italian and Asian sauces, peppers, cooking wines, wine reductions, sushi seasoning and salad dressings. Mizkan America brands include:  RAGÚ®, Bertolli®, Holland House®, NAKANO®, Four Monks®, Barengo®, Mitsukan®, Tres Hermanas®, Nature’s Intent®, World Harbors®, Mizkan® and Rio Luna™. Mizkan America is also the exclusive distributor/sales agent for ANGOSTURA® bitters in North America. For more information, go to


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