Key West Smuggler Company launched their KeysStrong Crates campaign on Indiegogo last week with immediate success. Within the first week, the campaign has reached more than $5,000 in sales, which is more than halfway to their funding goal. Buyers have three more weeks to back the campaign, which ends on Thursday, May 23. The success so far shows that backers want to get behind a great product with a great mission.

The limited edition KeysStrong Crates are made by Key West artists and fabricated from the rubble left behind by Hurricane Irma. The custom crates contain Key West’s award-winning bourbon whiskey, and some crates include curated goods from local, Key West merchants.

Key West’s award winning bourbon whiskey is made with TerrePURE technology, which uses ultrasonic waves to age their bourbon up to 4x faster than standard aging procedures. They’re merging this new innovation with the soul of the island of Key West.

The majority of the funds raised will go towards rebuilding the Key West Smuggler Co. headquarters and tasting room, which were destroyed during Hurricane Irma, as well as supporting local businesses and artists by including their products in the crates. A portion of all sales will go to the KeysStrong Charity to help the organization continue to rebuild the Keys after Hurricane Irma hit in September, 2017. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Office for Coastal Management calculates that Irma had a total cost of $50 billion and rebuilding work is still ongoing.


There are a variety of perks available:

Simple Life: Crate + 750 ml Bottle ($91)
I’m Outta Here: Crate + 750 ml Bottle + Leather Wrapped Flask ($102)
I Drink Alone: Crate + 750 ml Bottle + 1 Glass ($108)
An Evening Together: Crate + 750 ml Bottle + 2 Etched Bourbon Glasses ($140)
An Evening Together in Style: Crate + 750 ml Bottle + 2 Etched Bourbon Glasses + 2 Tee Shirts ($171)
I’m A Local: Crate + 750 ml Bottle + 2 Etched Bourbon Glasses + Salt Scrub + Keyz Beez Honey + Piece of Local Art ($168)
Let’s Party!: Crate + 750 ml Bottle + 2 Etched Bourbon Glasses + 2 Embroidered Tee Shirts + Salt Scrub + Keyz Beez Honey + Piece of Local Art + Flask ($179)

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