20 July 2020

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Pushing Creative Boundaries of Distilling by Embracing Old World Tradition in New World Spirits

Central Lake, Michigan— Earlier this month, Mammoth Distilling released the first pallet of its new Northern Rye spirit to Imperial Beverage for Michigan distribution. The product pushes the boundaries of spirit definition, being crafted through a combination of Old World tradition and New World techniques.

“We’re really excited to finally release Northern Rye,” shares Chad Munger, President and Founder of Mammoth Distilling. “This is something we have been developing for years now, and the result is a new kind of spirit that really leverages all the benefits of distilling in a northern environment.”

Whereas traditional rye whiskey is finished only in new American oak barrels, Northern Rye is first aged a minimum of seven years in high-quality second-fill American oak barrels. Afterwards, a portion of that aged spirit is then moved to new American oak barrels. The final Northern Rye product is produced from a blend of these two finished whiskies.

“The resulting spirit is brighter, and more versatile and elegant than oak-dominated straight rye whiskies,” continues Chad. “Both are great, but the methods for producing Northern Rye emphasize the grain much more in the flavor profile.”

Like straight rye whiskey, Northern Rye is distilled primarily from the flavorful rye grain (secale cereal) with small percentages of corn and barley. But rather than distilling from a mash, Northern Rye is produced by distilling each individual grain separately and precisely blending those finished fractions prior to barreling.

“One of the biggest differences in Northern Rye is its maturation in an ambient-temperature rick house located in the unique 45th parallel microclimate,” says Chad. “The character generated from variable wood contact in a highly volatile aging environment produces a unique grain-forward palate that emphasizes quality ingredients, patient maturation and skillful blending. This is a result that just can’t be reproduced using traditional American whiskey finishing techniques in a hotter climate.”

Spirit retailers interested in carrying Mammoth Northern Rye, or any other Mammoth Distilling products, are encouraged to contact Phil Attee or their local Imperial Beverage representative.

For information on Mammoth Distilling, or any of the company’s products or locations, visit www.MammothDistilling.com.

Mammoth Distilling is a leading Michigan craft spirits producer. Manufacturing is headquartered in Central Lake, Michigan with satellite tasting rooms in Central Lake, Traverse City and Bellaire.


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