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Micro Matic launches KeyKeg coupler with integrated degassing feature

Lightweight Containers BV and Micro Matic announce a strategic agreement.

Chicago, Ill. —Februar, 2018 — After recently expanding its presence in the North American beverage market, Lightweight Containers BV, the company behind the innovative UniKeg and KeyKeg one-way kegs, has announced a strategic agreement with Micro Matic, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of keg valves and dispensing equipment. This agreement is set to begin March 1, 2018

This agreement marks the first time KeyKeg dispense couplers will be able to dispense with pressure up to 4.1 bar, instead of 3.5 bar, while affording users the option to vent KeyKegs quickly and easily with the flip of a switch.

“While focused on increasing the shelf-life and improving the quality of our technology, our team also strives to find innovative approaches to make KeyKegs an efficient solution for all of our clients,” said Anita Veenendaal, Chief Commercial Officer of Lightweight Containers. “The availability of high-quality draught equipment that can seamlessly be incorporated into our KeyKegs is essential, and Micro Matic has proven to be an excellent partner that knows our markets through and through. We are convinced that this collaboration will be the beginning of a highly successful and fruitful co-operation.”

Beverage producers, distributors and the service industry are eager to integrate this venting tool into day-to-day operations as it saves time throughout the recycling process. KeyKeg couplers will be available directly from Micro Matic and on the KeyKeg webshop improving the availability of high-quality KeyKeg dispense heads across the North American market.

“Lightweight Containers has developed as a strategic player in many of our biggest markets,” explains Key Account Manager Fred Mostert, Micro Matic. “Both Micro Matic and Lightweight Containers will focus on the total supply chain with a quality-driven approach. The global beer market will benefit from this agreement, not only through worldwide distribution of Micro Matic KeyKeg couplers, but also through FlexiDraft™, a disposable beer line draft concept which is now open for KeyKeg also.”

For more information on this agreement, visit LightWeight Containers or Micro Matic.

About Lightweight Containers BV
Lightweight Containers is known for the KeyKeg® and UniKeg® one-way kegs. The family-owned company is the market leader in high-quality one-way kegs focused on the development, production and sales of the KeyKeg® and UniKeg®. These revolutionary one-way kegs are available in 10-, 20- and 30-liter models. Breweries, wineries and other beverage producers all over the world prefer to use KeyKeg® and UniKeg®, because they offer the best possible protection for both carbonated and still beverages.

KeyKegs are sold and in use across the globe. KeyKegs are produced in Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. Lightweight Containers plans to build a new production line in the United Kingdom in 2018 and continue to grow it’s global prescense in the years to come.

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About Micro Matic A/S
Micro Matic is the global leader in the supply of keg couplers, keg extractor valves and dispensing solutions to the international brewing industry. The group has a total revenue of more than € 250 milion and employs approx. 1200 people in 20 locations in 14 countries.

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