With just a little tweaking, information in the Craft Beer Branding Guide can be applied to other beverage and artisan companies.

In a sea of craft breweries, how can you make yours stand out? That’s the question answered in Craft Beer Branding Guide: A Step-by-Step Guide to Branding Your Brewery, Telling Your Story and Selling a Helluva Lot of Beer, authored by Isaac Arthur and Cody Fague of CODO Design in Indianapolis, Ind.

The guide started online (www.craftbeerbrandingguide.com), when Arthur and Fague decided to share what they’ve learned by working with breweries across the country (and world), helping hone branding, packaging, web design, and marketing. “More often than not, we find ourselves not only explaining how important branding is, but also how to approach it strategically and with a deeper sense of purpose,” said Arthur in a prepared statement.

When Ellen Bliske, senior brand manager of Neenah Packaging, viewed the site, she immediately recognized its value and intent, and proposed translating the content to book form. “We’re thrilled with the result of the collaboration,” she remarked upon the book’s announcement. “Whether you’re defining your brand values, developing your marketing strategy, or even selecting your brewery’s name, the Craft Beer Branding Guide takes a look at every step from a branding perspective.”

Using easy-peasy checklists and prompts (“If your brewery is a person is it…”), and by combining strategic and foundational thinking with tactical and hands-on advice, it encourages budding brewmasters to define the personality and values they’re trying to convey to customers.

It’s an interesting read—and, with just a little tweaking, applicable beyond the craft brew world. The book is free, and it’s available now.