How about that, another day to celebrate beer! Yay! But this time, we’re staying local—as the beer being celebrated is American made. One of the most interesting ventures we’ve discovered recently is Dogfish Head Craft Brewery’s joint venture with Indigo Agriculture to brew Re-Gen-Ale, the first traceably sourced beer to address climate change through agriculture using Indigo Carbon, a program that provides growers with a financial incentive to store carbon in their soils. The result offers drinkers the opportunity to give back to the planet with every pint or can consumed.

Dogfish Head’s unique partnership with Indigo began in January 2020, when the first test batches of Re-Gen-Ale were brewed. Through Indigo’s Grain Marketplace, a platform used to connect growers and buyers of crops, Dogfish Head secured the traceably sourced ingredients to produce Re-Gen-Ale, including sustainable wheat grown with regenerative farming. Dogfish Head has also committed to purchasing more than the amount of carbon credits needed to offset the brew’s production. Cheers to helping the planet—with beer!!