(Ogden, UTAH – January 21, 2020) – Ogden’s Own, an award-winning leading distiller of craft spirits, today announces a new deal to expand retail availability with Lee’s Liquors in22 Nevada locations, with a special emphasis on the Las Vegas market. Ogden’s Own is the largest independently owned distillery in the state of Utah, achieving massive regional popularity over the last decade. With Lee’s now carrying their best-selling spirits, residents in the Las Vegas area will be able to enjoy Ogden’s Own’s diverse portfolio of spirits when seeking out gin, vodka, whiskey options, as well as their unique Underground Herbal Spirit, beginning later this month.

“We have a passion for distilling that comes from a desire to bring premium and delightful expressions to the market,” said Steve Conlin, President of Ogden’s Own. “We recognize that most people don’t associate Utah with craft spirits, so we love to surprise customers with our unique story and educate them on our local history while introducing them to high-quality offerings that will keep them coming back for more. We couldn’t be prouder that Nevada residents, especially those in the Las Vegas area, will be able to experience that passion.”

Ogden’s Own’s robust spirits portfolio includes a small-batch gin called Madam Pattirini, Five Wives Vodka, Underground Herbal Spirit and the Porter’s line of whiskeys – consisting of Peach, Apple, Fire, Huckleberry flavored varietals and a Small Batch Rye. Each spirit is handcrafted in Utah and heavily influenced by the area’s geographic surroundings – our Five Wives Vodka is even made using Wasatch mountain spring water. Additional information and details on the flavor profiles can be found below:

Madam Pattirini Gin
• Made from Juniper, Bergamot, Coriander, Cardamom, Nigerian Ginger, and Sicilian Lemon.
• Handcrafted and produced through a small run of fewer than 1,000 bottles at a time – all bottles are hand-numbered by the batch and bottle.
• Flavor Profile: Delicate juniper taste rounded out with complex citrus finish.
• Inspired by the story of Morris Young, son of acclaimed Latter-day Saints founder Brigham Young, who began publicly performing across Utah as a crossdressing singer under the pseudonym Madam Pattirini in 1885.
• Recipient of prestigious industry acclaim including Tastings.com International Review of Spirits (92 Points), Las Vegas Global Spirits Award (Gold Medal) and Best Contemporary US Gin at the 2019 World Gin Competition in London.

Five Wives Vodka
• Smooth, handcrafted gluten-free vodka made from a blend of Utah’s own mountain spring water and 100% distilled corn spirit
• Made from spring water sourced from the Wasatch mountains in Utah’s beautiful Ogden Canyon, gathered five gallons at a time.
• Mixed with distilled spirit originating from 100% corn at 80 proof (40% ABV), creating a subtle sweetness and smooth finish that is completely gluten-free.
• Recipient of prestigious industry acclaim including Tastings.com International Review of Spirits (92 Points) and Las Vegas Global Spirits Award (Gold Medal)

Underground Herbal Spirit
• Handcrafted herbal spirit distilled from corn and blended with a mix of 33 herbs and spices, creating a sweet yet complex flavor experience.
• Flavors include a mellow blend of cassia, angostura, anise, cardamom, gentian, yarrow, wormwood, mate, guarana, ginseng, molasses, orange oil, lemon oil, spearmint, pure cane sugar, agave and plum.
• Best enjoyed as an ice-cold shot, digestif after meals, and a versatile mixer with other liqueurs and mixers.
• Lower amount of sugar (about half the amount of the average liqueur) results in a smoother, less-viscous, less-syrupy shot.
• Recipient of prestigious industry acclaim including Double-Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Festival (2010)

Porter’s Whiskeys
• Small batch rye aged in heavy charred, new oak barrels for over three years, combining the smoothness of Canadian whiskey with the most divine ingredients to deliver well-balanced flavor
• Aged for over three years at 111 proof and blended down to 90 proof with Ogden’s Own Distillery’s signature water blend.
• Porter’s Fire: Sweet but not sugary, berry and spicy but not too hot
• Porter’s Peach: Aromatic without being too sweet with a smooth finish
• Porter’s Huckleberry: Sweet-smelling but not sugary and perfect in a mixed cocktail
• Porter’s Apple: Fragrant without tasting like a syrup designed to be used in a variety of mixed drinks

Each of the products are expected to hit shelves in late January/early February and start at $19.99 USD.

About Ogden’s Own
Ogden’s Own is based in Ogden, Utah and gained notoriety for its unique expressions and its often-satirical playfulness on stereotypes in its home state. Their wide portfolio of expressions ensures that any customer can find a product that is suitable to his/her palate. To learn more about the brand or check hours to visit their tasting room, please visit www.ogdensown.com

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