Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries Announces Launch of BLY SILVER RUM

Distillers of Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka expand line of spirits with distinct molasses based rum


Pittsburgh, PA (April 12, 2018) – Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries, distiller of the multiple award-winning Boyd & Blair Potato Vodka, has announced the launch of its newest product, BLY SILVER RUM. The new craft spirit recently received a 95 rating in the 2018 Ultimate Spirits Challenge, the world’s most prestigious and progressive global spirits and cocktail competition, giving it an extraordinary, ultimate recommendation.


BLY Silver Rum is now officially listed by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB), and will be distributed into Pennsylvania state stores in April. It is also currently available in California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Maryland and Washington, DC. The spirit will be available in Connecticut, New Jersey and New York in May.


“As with Boyd & Blair, I wanted to create a spirit that did not taste like every other product in the category, but still tasted as if it belonged in the category,” said Barry Young, Master Distiller “For BLY it was my goal to push the flavor profile so it had a good amount of flavor, picked up the characteristics of the molasses and was not over distilled which can equal a bland spirit.”


BLY Silver Rum is a white rum distilled in single batches from the purest form of molasses sourced in the countryside of Pennsylvania. This supreme baking molasses was chosen due to its high quality, and to impart more flavor than processed sugar or sugar cane used in most rums. In this case, the selected molasses contains the most notes of butterscotch and vanilla, giving the spirit a clean finish.


Produced using the distillery’s unique mash method, the molasses is gently stirred, heated, but not cooked or rushed to prevent scorching and a burnt tasting spirit.


“Our process is unconventional and does not cook our mash with the molasses, but instead uses warm water that has been recycled from the cooling process of our still to thin the molasses out, “ said Young. “The process is longer, however it yields a more quality spirit.”


Each single batch yields about 600 bottles, which are carefully filled, corked and labeled by hand to meet the distillery’s high quality standards. To ensure quality in taste, Young uses what he calls a “unique Instinct Palette Distillation method”, which means that the determining factor as to when the distillation process is complete is purely based off of taste and his instinct alone. There is no automation involved whatsoever in this process.


“I’d state for the record that Bly is one of the better white/silver rums in the market right now and runs with the elites,” said F. Paul Pacult, named ‘America’s foremost spirits authority’ by “Is it sweet? Yes, but there’s more to this rum than inherent and expected sweetness since the sweetness degree is reined in, allowing for more of the molasses earthy/mineral-like complexity to be expressed in orchard fruit ripeness.”


The Distillery is now open to the public on Saturdays only. For more information, please visit,



About Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries

Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries is an independently run American distillery founded on the idea of creating exceptional spirits using locally grown ingredients and packaging. We believe in quality over quantity and that’s why we make every single batch by hand. Its award-winning Boyd & Blair vodka is currently sold in 41 states, plus Singapore, Hong Kong, Alberta Canada and France.


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