July 29, 2019 – Madison, Wisc. – Plain Spoke Cocktail Co., the Madison-based canned cocktail company, announced today the launch of its newest cocktail, Mojito . This is the third cocktail in their portfolio, joining Moscow Mule and Bourbon Smash on shelves across the Midwest this summer. Made with a blend of Caribbean rum, mint, and real lime juice, Plain Spoke uses all-natural ingredients that stand up to any freshly made craft cocktail at the bar. The Mojito will hit shelves this week, just ahead of National Rum Day, celebrated on August 16.
“While I love all cocktails, rum is my go-to spirit. This summer seemed like the perfect time to add a rum cocktail to our mix,” says Tom Dufek, co-founder of Plain Spoke Cocktail Co. “Rum cocktails, in particular, mojitos, are so refreshing in the summer and we are excited for people to add these to their coolers for tailgating or the cabin. We can’t wait for people to get their hands on them.”
After six months of development and growing consumer demand for their all-natural canned cocktails, Mojito was a natural choice for Plain Spoke’s next release. This marks their first cocktail that highlights rum as a base spirit. The result is a crisp and refreshing effervescent cocktail that makes for easy drinking beyond craft cocktail bars.
Plain Spoke’s Mojito product specs include: ● 10% ABV
● Ingredients: Caribbean Rum, 100% Lime Juice, Mint, Pure Cane Sugar ● 4-pack, $14.99 / $3.99 per can
● Serving suggestions: Chilled
Like Plain Spoke’s other cocktails, Mojito will be sold throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota at select liquor and retail stores. Additional cocktails are currently in the works to launch later this year.
Founded in 2018 by award-winning bartender Tom Dufek, Plain Spoke offers high-quality, ready-to-drink drink craft cocktails outside of the bar, never sacrificing flavor for convenience. The company’s unique canning process keeps its versatile cocktails fresher longer. The cans also protect the product better, keep it fresher and are better for the environment. You can enjoy them at the lake, backyard, and wherever your adventures take you.

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