Premium Agave-Derivative Brand, Maguey Spirits, Signs Chopin Imports as Exclusive U.S. Distributor

Maguey Spirits focuses on the intersection where Mezcal tradition meets innovation

WILMINGTON, Delaware – April 8, 2019 – Effective immediately, Chopin Imports Limited (CIL), the marketing company for Chopin Vodka brand and other best-in-class spirits, will be responsible for the exclusive U.S. distribution for Maguey Spirits. The Northern Mexican brand is known for its Burrito Fiestero Mezcal®, Mezcal Gin, and Senor Maguey®. The portfolio will be available in the United States starting July 1, 2019, for a suggested retail price ranging from $39 to $99. The announcement was made by Chuck Kane’, COO of Chopin Imports.

Kane’ said, “Maguey Spirits is innovative while staying true to the traditional, artisanal way of making Mezcal. They are a company that is committed to making the best quality products, using all natural ingredients and sustainable resources and practices.  These are the same principals in which Chopin was founded on and practices today.”

Knowing Mexico’s vast territory and countless agave varieties, Maguey Spirits settled in the mountainous, northern State of Durango, also known as the Mexican Wild West, because of the quality of the region’s wild agave, rich flavor profiles and producers steeped in Mezcal tradition.

Made from wild Cenizo agave, the hand-crafted Burrito Fiestero Mezcal® (42% ABV) is proudly described as ‘the mezcal to fall in love with mezcal’ as it features a light and elegant smoky scent with predominant floral notes and sweetness that truly define the product. Burrito Fiestero Mezcal is affectionately named after and inspired by the pet burro of the Maestro Mezcalero, where the brand was born in 2013. The bottle and packaging are both inspired by the now-famous burro. Burrito Fiestero Mezcal will be available for a suggested retail price of $49.99.

Described as ‘The Best of Two Worlds,’ Mezcal Gin uses the traditional ‘mezcal de pechuga’ method of maceration and vapor infusion, with traditional botanicals as well as substituting local Mexican botanicals in place of the traditional chicken breast. Truly a one-of-a-kind product, Mezcal Gin delivers an artisan mezcal that is perfectly balanced with the aroma and freshness of gin. Mezcal Gin is made with mountain spring water, wild Cenizo agave and local, organic botanicals. It can be sipped neat or in exotic cocktails such as a Mezcaloni (Mezcal Gin Negroni), Little Vesper, Mezcal Gin Sour or East Side. Mezcal Gin will be available for a suggested retail price of $59.99.

Senor Maguey® is crafted from 100 percent organic agave nectar and bodes more than seven certifications including USDA Organic, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Kosher. The premium agave nectar was created for bartenders and consumers alike from its viscosity to its taste and color, to inspire and create a unique crafting experience. For bartenders, Senor Maguey delivers pure and neutral sweetness, great depth of flavor, natural coloring and a key differentiator for the health-conscious. For consumers, it is extremely versatile from cooking and baking to beverages, dissolves seamlessly at any temperature, has a long shelf life and does not crystalize, and converts unhealthy desserts into hearty treats. Senor Maguey will be available for a suggested retail price of $29.99.

Maguey Spirits realizes its responsibility to the community and land. The company uses ethical cultivation practices including replanting two agaves for every bottle of its products sold, actively replanting forests to make up for the wood used during the production process, determining uses for agave byproducts such as compost and bricks, creating bottles/packaging from recycled materials, and the goal to be the first distillery powered 100 percent by solar energy.

“Creating our spirits from farm to bottle in Northern Mexico is a key differentiating factor for our brand; terroir exists in agave distillates, and Chopin completely understands the concept,” said Christian Rossbach, CFO of Maguey Spirits. Alejandro Rossbach, CCO of Maguey Spirits added, “Chopin created the luxury market for vodka when there wasn’t one. We are confident together can propel our innovative portfolio to new heights as we take on the U.S. for the first time.”

Chopin Imports portfolio also includes its namesake vodka, Dorda Liqueurs, the Gordon & MacPhail Scotch Whiskies line, Benromach line, Red Door Gin, Koch El Mezcal and most recently Terralta Tequila.

PHOTO: Alejandro (left) and Christian Rossbach (right) of Maguey Spirits signs deal with Chuck Kane’ (middle) of Chopin Imports.

About Maguey Spirits

Founded with passion in 2013, Maguey Spirits is a boutique house of premium agave derivatives. With a careful balance between tradition and innovation, the company focuses on crafting authentic Mexican products that embody the richness of the land and foster a sustainable industry for generations to come.


About Chopin Imports Ltd.

Chopin Imports Limited (CIL) was established to market one of the world’s top vodkas, Chopin Vodka, and other expressions created by the Dorda family. Chopin Vodka products are distilled from local ingredients grown in Podlasie region, Poland (100km east of Warsaw) and the entire distillation process – from growing, cooking, fermenting and distilling raw ingredients, to bottling – is carefully tended on the family estate. Chopin Vodka was the first to debut ultra-luxury vodka in 1993 with its iconic bottles– a design that has since redefined the vodka sector. CIL offers its renowned single-ingredient vodkas – potato, rye and wheat; limited-edition line of SINGLE, once distilled spirits that showcase just how different vodkas can be; and a duo of Dorda Liqueurs (Dorda Double Chocolate and Dorda Sea Salt Caramel). Naturally gluten free, Chopin Potato Vodka has been named one of the best vodkas by the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and the Los Angeles International Spirits Competition for eight years consecutively with Chopin Potato being the most awarded potato vodka in the world. CIL has since used its successful sales and marketing insights to expand its super-premium agency brand portfolio.

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