High-end glass bottle manufacturer for the wine & spirit industry
Continues to operate globally while demand increases in the sector

Napa, California — April 14, 2020 – Saverglass, the world’s leading manufacturer specializing in the production and decoration of luxury and high-end glass bottles, is still operating in three continents, which allows the company to locally manufacture, decorate and deliver glass bottles to their wine and spirits customers despite the novel coronavirus outbreak.

As of April, Saverglass global facilities are running close to full capacity and are continuing to supply the beverage industry as demand increases. Saverglass established an internal contingency plan across its facilities and is closely following state and international safety recommendations and has resumed normal operations this week in Europe. In America, the facilities are operating at full capacity. Saverglass’ logistic organizations continue to function normally, including the local warehouses in California, Washington and Kentucky.

“First and foremost, the well-being and safety of our clients and employees remain our top priority and we continue to monitor the global pandemic very closely. Our U.S. sales teams are working remotely and continue to provide a full service to our customers, and with our facility in México, we have been able to easily facilitate shipping and operating logistics to the American market effectively,” said Régis Maillet, Group Marketing Director of Saverglass.

As glass manufacturing is considered an essential business in the U.S. as well as the state of Jalisco in México,
Saverglass continues to produce and serve the North American market for premium and super premium wine &
spirits. The facility is also operating its decoration services.

About Saverglass:
Saverglass is the world’s specialist in manufacturing and decorating premium and luxury glass bottles, with three glass production sites and three decoration sites in France, one glass production and decoration site in Mexico, one glass production site in the United Arab Emirates. Saverglass produces a total of about 500,000 Tons of premium glass per year and operates four decoration factories which decorate over 150 million bottles per year, including a state-of-the-art facility in North America. The Group, established in Feuquières (North of France), achieved a turnover of $560 million in 2019.

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