Social House Vodka, a new, handcrafted and gluten-free vodka from North Carolina, released two additional bottle sizes, along with some holiday cheer, as the prime season for socializing with friends and family approaches. The 50ml “mini bottles” and 1.75L bottles of Social House Vodka are now available in select ABC Stores across the state, in addition to the 750ml offering.

“There are so many ‘Social House Moments’ waiting to be created, shared and remembered, especially during the holidays,” said Cary Joshi, president, Social House Vodka. “Since launching in August, this marks Social House Vodka’s first holiday season and we’re thrilled to envision our locally crafted vodka being a part of celebrations and gift-giving among family, friends and colleagues from now through New Year’s Eve. We’re glad to provide options for the holidays and look forward to keeping up with and supporting the unique ways our vodka is inspiring the lives of our consumers.”

Locally sourced and made in Kinston, N.C., with roots in Raleigh, well-stocked bar carts will shine this holiday with Social House Vodka on display. Follow these cocktail party tips to host a memorable occasion and be sure to tag @yoursocialhouse with each #SocialHouseMoment by sharing photos on social media.


  1. Think local, think fresh. With the variety of local, craft spirits available, choose a spirit made in your own backyard (OK, maybe not literally) and look to combine with seasonal, fresh ingredients for a signature cocktail. In North Carolina, local berries and melons are perfect for warmer months but consider adding a wintry spin to the refreshments by using local apple varietals or pressed ciders while in season. And whether infused, muddled or used as a garnish, there are cold-hardy herbs, such as mint, thyme and rosemary, that can be found at the local farmers market nearly year-round.
  2. Break out the glassware. Skip the paper and plastic and invest in a quality set of drinking glasses. Not only will the glassware add an element of sophistication to the soiree but will last for years of parties to come. When selecting cocktail glasses, go with a classic look that will work for multiple occasions and accommodate various drinks of choice. For example, a rocks glass is versatile for mixed beverages and punches, but can also be used for sipping spirits neat or, you guessed it, on the rocks.
  3. Shake (or stir) like a pro. Stock up on some essential bar tools for effortless mixology. Look for a drink shaker that comes in two separate pieces, top and bottom, rather than an all-in-one. This allows the ingredients, and air, to circulate and property dilute the chosen cocktail. A strainer, which looks like a coil with a handle, is used atop the metal side of a shaker and perfect for keeping ice, fruit or herbs out of a martini glass. Even a simple drink, like a screwdriver, tastes better with freshly squeezed juice. Fancy juicing technology aside, a citrus hand juicer will do the job.
  4. Consider batch-made beverages. The best part about cocktail parties is spending quality time together. Instead of making all drinks to order, a little planning can help to spend more time with guests and less time behind the bar. Find a festive punch recipe for party goers to mingle as they ladle their drinks, or batch make a few pitchers of cocktails for easy pouring over ice. Remember to have small bites and nibbles available so visitors can snack while they sip, it’s always important to enjoy responsibly.
  5. Create personal party favors. As your lovely guests depart, send them off with a small token to take home and remember a special time together. It could be as simple as a homemade snack, such as a bag of spiced nuts or cookies. To personalize the favor, print the party’s signature cocktail on a recipe card and tie it to a mini bottle of the spirit used. A special touch is to pair a mini bottle with a canned mixer, whether a soda, coffee beverage or energy drink; put them together in a treat bag and tie with a ribbon, or place the mixer in a mason jar and tie the mini bottle to the rim with colorful twine.

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