Ultra-premium organic vodka brand unveils its own branded line of high-juice, low-sugar mixers.


CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (September 11, 2019) – The makers of Square One Organic Spirits – who pioneered the concept of organic vodka and botanical spirits almost 15 years ago – today continued that drive for innovation with the release of a handcrafted portfolio of certified organic cocktail mixers.

“As the market for craft cocktails and convenience grows, along with consumer desire for higher quality and more complex cocktail options, a line of cocktail mixers handcrafted with Square One’s respect for the ingredients was a natural extension for us,” said Allison Evanow, Founder and CEO, Square One Organic Spirits, who was also one of the first women in the industry to found, fund and manage her own spirit brand.

Like the spirit line it was created to complement, Square One Organic Cocktail Mixers have been meticulously crafted from the purest ingredients – not synthetic flavors built in laboratories.  Effort has also been taken to reduce the amount of sugar – without resorting to artificial sweeteners – so the mixers allow the complex flavors of the ingredients to shine through. Additionally, all of the mixers offer some of the highest real fruit juice content currently available in their respective categories.

Available nationally, the Square One Organic Cocktail Mixers portfolio includes:

Bloody Mary – Organic, Vegan and Gluten Free (SRP: $9.99 750ml)

Lively Lemon – Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free and 50 calories per 3 oz. serving. 68 percent juice content. 11 grams of sugar.  (SRP: $9.99 750ml)

Luscious Lime – Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free and 45 calories per 3 oz. serving. 56 percent juice content. 9 grams of sugar. (SRP: $9.99 750ml)

Pink Daisy – Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, (pomegranate and lemon) (SRP: $9.99 750ml)

Spicy Ginger Syrup – Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free (SRP: $11.99 750ml)

“These mixers are simply delicious – used in a non-alcoholic spritzer or combined with any of our Square One Organic Vodkas and Botanical Spirits,” said Evanow. “We went through numerous versions determined to keep the juice content as high as possible, while keeping the sugar levels low. When you start with the best ingredients, you don’t need to cover them up with sugar and fillers.”

Continues Evanow, “In an already crowded category, Square One Organic Cocktail Mixers needed to stand out.  For some time, health-conscious consumers have been avoiding pre-made cocktail mixes because of high-sugar and low juice content, not to mention the use of high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors and preservatives.  At the same time, consumers who want fresh, delicious cocktail mixers don’t want to spend their time making simple syrup or squeezing citrus. I’m proud that Square One Organic Cocktail Mixers are the first to give consumers what they want – organic, high juice and lower sugar options in an easy-to-use cocktail mix for making quality cocktails at home – and at a great price.”

Evanow is particularly excited by the potential of the Ginger Syrup. “Our Ginger Syrup tastes like real ginger because we used actual ginger juice instead of flavoring. It is also the only 100% certified organic option on the market and makes a delicious ginger beer, whether using home carbonation kits or in the on-premise. In fact, a case of Square One Organic Spicy Ginger Syrup makes 300 cocktails. On-premise, using bottled ginger beer, you’d need 6 to 10 cases and often end the shift with leftover bottles that will lose their fizz. And, when mixed with Square One Organic Vodka, it makes the only certified organic ‘American Mule’ available.”

Square One Organic Mixers are shelf stable for 18 months and 30 days refrigerated after opening.

About Square One Organic Spirits

Square One Organic Spirits, a pioneer in organic spirits, is a female-owned boutique spirits company founded with the sole mission of creating innovative organic spirits with an eco-conscious mindset. Made with 100 percent organic American-grown rye and pristine water originating in the Teton Mountains, the distinctive and exclusively organic spirit portfolio is of the highest quality. Square One’s business philosophy includes seeking out eco-friendly choices in all parts of the business, including using soy inks, FSC certified and carbon neutral face labels, wind-power at the distillery and designing a bottle that is stylish enough to be reused.  For more information, please email sales@squareoneorganicspirits.com.

Samples and images are available. Contact Laura Peet; lpeet@peetcom.com; (917) 860-6285.

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