Lawsuits have been filed in three states to challenge restrictions barring retailers from shipping wine direct to customers. Currently, residents of only 13 states and the District of Columbia can legally order wine online from an out-of-state retail store (as opposed to 42 states that let residents order direct from out-of-state wineries).

In response, Indianapolis-based attorneys Bob Epstein and Alex Tanford filed suit in Illinois, Michigan, and Missouri, three of the largest states in question. Epstein and Tanford were the attorneys behind the 2005 U.S. Supreme Court case that opened direct shipping from local wineries in Michigan and Florida. That decision led to many states also legalizing shipments from out-of-state producers.

Their strategy this time is much the same. Because liquor laws differ from state to state, each lawsuit is also different and will be litigated separately. Ultimately, the hope is to take the question to SCOTUS for a blanket decision. It may take years, but the process has been set in motion.