Tenjaku Whisky, an emerging brand of Japanese Whisky in the US, is proud to announce that they were recently awarded the Gold Medal in the Japanese Blended Whisky category by Beverage Testing Institute. Their 91 rating (exceptional) makes Tenjaku the 2020’s Best Japanese Blended Whisky according to the Beverage Testing Institutes’ annual review.

The rating is based on a scoring of objective quality from a blind panel of top spirits experts and trade buyers. Panelists’ evaluation included consideration of flavor, aroma, color, intensity, smoothness, balance and more. In their final assessment of Tenjaku Whisky, Beverage Testing Institute declared that Tenjaku was “a rock solid Japanese blended whisky with nice balance; a good bridge for traditional Scotch whisky drinkers.”

“This is an incredible honor for the brand,” says Craig Kodish, Managing Director of Tenjaku Whisky USA. “To earn this kind of recognition in its first year here in the US is very rewarding for everyone associated with the brand. Tenjaku is poised and positioned to build upon this success in the years to come.”

For inquiries, please reach out to Craig Kodish at ckodish@route2mkt.com.


About Tenjaku Whisky

Tenjaku Whisky is a Japanese style whisky that provides a pure, mellow flavor to suit any drinking style. By utilizing only the highest quality ingredients derived from the natural environment, Tenjaku Whisky is smooth and refreshing whether poured on the rocks or mixed into a signature cocktail. Inspired by Master Blender Kenji Watanabe and his passion for craftsmanship, Tenjaku Whisky is created in the shadow of Mount Fuji using the highest quality spring water on Earth. The water used in every bottle of Tenjaku is filtered through volcanic rock until it meets their standard for dilution. This is how Tenjaku Whisky is able to provide a whisky that is bold while maintaining its balance and smoothness. It is imported into the US by MHW, Ltd. Manhasset NY.

To learn more about Tenjaku Whisky or to see where Tenjaku Whisky is sold, visit https://tenjakuwhiskyusa.com.


About Beverage Testing Institute

Founded in 1981, Beverage Testing Institute is an independent organization providing reviews and evaluations of beers, wines, and liquors from around the world. Scoring for their annual surveys are conducted by an expert panel of professional retailers, restaurateurs, journalists, buyers, bartenders, sommeliers, and Cicerones using a rigorously screened and audited proprietary blind tasting methodology to ensure impartiality.

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