Bold Non-Alcoholic Spirits Expertly Distilled from Raw Botanicals Create Reimagined Cocktail Options for the Adventurous Drinker

November 18, 2020 (Portland, Ore.) – Driven by a desire to shift what’s possible in Non-Alcoholic drinks, Founder Brad Whiting created Wilderton, a collection of non-alcoholic, gluten free, and zero calorie spirits made with a unique approach to flavor and aroma. Grounded in an obsession with nature and made by hand in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Wilderton is a new start in drinks, not a substitute. Wilderton’s expressions — the bold, spicy, smoky Earthen and the bright, floral, citrusy Lustre — offer provocative flavor combinations free from the confines of alcohol. 

Founder Brad Whiting, a spirits industry veteran in Oregon, longed for drink options that could evoke the taste and feel of a traditional spirit but that paired better with an active lifestyle. Seth O’Malley, an expert distiller, had a passion for botanicals and was feeling constrained by the limited flavors celebrated in alcoholic spirits. The two found an instant connection and set out on a shared mission: to create spirits with unique flavor and complexity that would elevate non-alcoholic cocktails. The beautiful result is Wilderton. 

Wilderton is made from scratch in Portland and guided by tradition, nature, and creativity. Inspired by both obscure and familiar wild plants from around the world, distiller Seth O’Malley carefully selects raw botanicals and combines methods from tea making, perfumery, and distillation to craft uniquely flavorful and aromatic non-alcoholic expressions. Using modern vacuum distillation technology, Wilderton’s proprietary production process captures the most desirable elements of the botanicals without alcohol ever being introduced or removed. 

“The Pacific Northwest is enveloped by wilderness where the natural world informs nearly everything we do, and I am fortunate enough to have called this place home for more than two decades,” said Wilderton Founder Brad Whiting. “Here in the Northwest, a balanced, active lifestyle is inherently ingrained in our culture, and I’m excited to introduce a drinks experience that celebrates flavor beyond alcohol.”

“As an Oregon native, my knowledge, relationship, and curiosity for botanicals grew out of this special place, and it’s why I can’t walk past an unknown plant without picking a leaf or flower to study and smell,” added Wilderton Founding Distiller Seth O’Malley. “I proudly bring this passion and my expertise in distilling to every bottle of Wilderton, and I am thrilled to finally share it with the world.”

According to a 2019 Nielsen study, 66% of legal-aged drinkers between 21 and 34 are working on cutting down their consumption. Interest by press, several new brand rollouts, and skyrocketing growth on Amazon for Non-Alcoholic spirits further reinforces this paradigm consumer shift.

Wilderton Earthen: Reminiscent of a calming hike through dense Oregon rainforests mixed with memories from exotic spice markets of the East. Savor with a sunset meal, sip around a backyard fire pit, or sit back and enjoy with a friend. Ingredients include: White Peppercorn, Pine-smoked Tea, Cardamom, Pimentón, Black Pepper, Spearmint, Clove, Cubeb, Aloe Vera, Coriander, Yerba Mate, Patchouli, Benzoin, Nutmeg, Frankincense, and Allspice.

Tasting notes: White peppercorn, pine-smoked tea and cardamom combine for notes of exotic spices, wood, and smoke. Robust, sultry, and warm with a lingering finish.

Wilderton Lustre: Inspired by picnics in the lush, fertile valleys of the Pacific Northwest and dreams of sun-drenched Mediterranean coastlines. Pour over ice after a wilderness wander, enjoy at a sunny afternoon BBQ, or start the evening off with friends and a refreshing cocktail. Ingredients include: Bitter Orange Peel, Tarragon, Lavender, Bergamot, Rose, Lemongrass, Turkish Bay Leaf, Ceylon Black Tea, Lemon Peel, Linden Blossom, and Orris Root, Coriander.

Tasting notes: Bitter orange, tarragon, and lavender combine for citrus, herbaceous and floral notes. Bright, tangy, and lush with a long-lasting finish.

Wilderton can be used as a cocktail base just like an alcoholic spirit, but it won’t be mistaken for anything currently on your favorite bar menu or stocked in your at-home bar. Rather, it stands alone as a botanical foundation for non-alcoholic cocktails, from the simple to the complex. 

Wilderton is priced at $33.00 for 750ml, and is available for purchase at, with Amazon and additional retail locations coming soon. To learn more about Wilderton, visit and follow along with @Wildertonfree on Facebook and Twitter and @Wilderton_free on Instagram.

About Wilderton:

Rooted in flavor and unbound by alcohol, Wilderton creates bold, non-alcoholic spirits expertly distilled from raw botanicals to re-imagine cocktails. Informed by studies of tea making, perfumery, cooking and alcoholic spirits, we craft our spirits through a unique production process, blending tradition with technology. Using both obscure and familiar wild plants from around the world, Wilderton’s signature expressions, the bold, spicy, smoky Earthen and the bright, floral, citrusy Lustre, offer provocative flavor combinations free from the confines of alcohol. Fellow Oregon craft spirits veterans Brad Whiting and Seth O’Malley came together with a shared mission: to create a drink that would celebrate the complexity and experience of a traditional spirit but pair better with an active lifestyle. The beautiful result is Wilderton.


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