Despite The Corona Virus Pandemic, Young Wichita Entrepreneur
Launches new Wichita-based Vodka, Greatness Vodka,
Selling thousands of bottles in less than 3 weeks
With the power of grassroots campaign and social media


Wichita, Kansas/USA – July 14th, 2020 – Greatness Vodka has had a busy month, not only are they announcing today a statewide distribution deal with Wichita’s newest alcohol distributor, Speakeasy Distribution, but also the launch of the new website, The deal comes on the heels of a grassroots campaign started by Founder and CEO, Troy Brooks.

After spending countless dollars on vodka based drinks, Troy was tired of the overly artificial flavor of many of the flavored vodkas on the market. “I was tired of buying a drink to only have it taste like a glass of medicine or leave an after taste that was so artificial, I didn’t want to try anything else,” said the young entrepreneur, who has funded the company entirely by himself so far.

“We’re very proud of our Made in the USA vodka that is 100% corn-based and through a special distilling process is infused with flavors, the first of many to come is Peach Cherry. Greatness Vodka is truly unlike anything else in the market and we are thrilled that Wichita and the rest of the country will now be able to experience this unique, smooth, flavor-infused vodka that is sure to become a staple in their spirits industry.” Troy added.

“With vodka continuing to be the highest volume of spirit sales in the US, it’s evident that there is an increasing demand for new and innovative products within this category,” said Lucas Kanady, Sales and Marketing Director, Greatness Vodka. “We are excited to work with more partners worldwide that will bring this sophistication and distinct offering to the masses – Greatness Vodka is truly a game changer.” Since its launch, Greatness Vodka has fostered a robust grassroots campaign through tasting at local liquor stores to help create demand, as well as a strong social media presence create product awareness and high-customer demand.

For more information about Greatness or to become a distributor give them a call at 316-804-5034/ or visit them at

About Greatness Vodka:

Greatness Vodka is made with 100% US-based corn, GREATNESS Vodka is a balanced, clean vodka, versatile enough for any cocktail yet enjoyable all on its own. This is not your typical neutral, flavorless vodka—each sip is full of natural cherry and peach flavor, brimming with character.

GREATNESS Vodka is carefully derived with quality taste at the start of the process. The result is an exceptionally smooth vodka made from only the finest corn and spring water. Experience for yourself the smooth flavor and amazing quality that is GREATNESS Vodka.

Contact Information:

Lucas Kanady

Ph: 316-804-5034

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