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Bigger is Better with Session Lager and Sesión Cerveza in 19.2 oz. Cans

Hood River, Oregon – March 20, 2018 – Session Premium Lager and Sesiόn Cerveza Mexican Style Lager just keep getting better – and bigger. Full Sail is excited to announce that both of these award-winning brews are now available in 19.2 oz cans. Session Lager is the Session that started it all and has won more than 20 gold medals, and Sesiόn Cerveza, a newer favorite, recently took home a silver medal from the GABF. “Sesiόn Cerveza did really well this past summer and won some great awards, so now we’re excited to offer this refreshing cerveza as well...

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Kama Citrus IPA Makes Its Seasonal Debut

BEND, OR. March 19, 2018 – Kama Citrus IPA is hitting stores and bars for the season starting this week! What a name. It’s hard to not get excited about it. This year we are relaunching our new and improved Kama Citrus IPA. We re-romanced the recipe to better satisfy that equatorial urge for tropical blood orange and pink guava flavors. What inspired Dustin Kellner, Worthy’s Brewmaster, to freshen up our favorite “date night” IPA? “We like to keep things fresh, exciting, and topical,” he said. “As a brewer, there’s nothing better than experimenting with new ingredients and coming...

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Pelican Brewing Company welcomes fresh culinary chops of new research and development chef—also born at the beach

Pelican Brewing Company beer cuisine—already rooted in the fresh produce and seafood indigenous to the Oregon Coast—welcomes the inventiveness of another beach-born culinary phenom, Dan Micolino. Micolino joins Team Pelican as its new research and development chef where he leads the design and refresh of Pelican menus, Brewers’ Dinners and special events. He brings a contemporary perspective on how Pelican’s award-winning beer is both incorporated into its dishes and paired with meals. Micolino, who trained with celebrity chef Brian Malarkey at the renowned Burlap (now Searsucker Del Mar) and Herringbone restaurants in San Diego, offers a deep passion for...

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Bees in the Hop Yard

Wild hops are a wind pollinated plant and, of the female hops planted commercially, the majority are grown from rhizomes or propagated from cuttings. Hops don’t have much to offer bees in terms of pollen or a nectar reward, so one might expect that bees would want nothing to do with Humulus lupulus. However, Doug Walsh, a professor of entomology at Washington State University in Prosser, Wash., has uncovered a somewhat surprising connection. Walsh worked with a graduate student to complete a two-year survey of bee populations in and around perennial crops in eastern Washington state, including in hop...

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A Growing Industry: Hops Outside the Pacific Northwest

While the states of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho account for approximately 97 percent of America’s total hop production, a small but growing number of hop yards have cropped up in regions outside of the Pacific Northwest. Chris Swersey, supply chain specialist with the Brewers Association, estimates there are at least 30 other states with some level of commercial hop acreage. Taken together, these will account for between 2 and 3 percent of the 2018 domestic crop. As small as the percentages are, it’s still a significant shift. “Five years ago, probably only 1/100th—or 1/1000th—of 1 percent of total hop...

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