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Bigger is Better with Session Lager and Sesión Cerveza in 19.2 oz. Cans

Hood River, Oregon – March 20, 2018 – Session Premium Lager and Sesiόn Cerveza Mexican Style Lager just keep getting better – and bigger. Full Sail is excited to announce that both of these award-winning brews are now available in 19.2 oz cans. Session Lager is the Session that started it all and has won more than 20 gold medals, and Sesiόn Cerveza, a newer favorite, recently took home a silver medal from the GABF. “Sesiόn Cerveza did really well this past summer and won some great awards, so now we’re excited to offer this refreshing cerveza as well...

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Cashmere introduces a sharp new look with debut of Cashmere Rosé

(March 20, 2018; Sonoma, Calif.)—Cline Family Cellars, the Sonoma-based winery owned and operated by Fred and Nancy Cline, released a new label design for its Cashmere brand. The updated label will begin shipping nationwide this month with the introduction of the 2017 Cashmere Rosé ($12.99), a fresh new addition to the Cashmere portfolio, and the 2016 Cashmere Red ($14.99). The updated label for  2016 Cashmere White ($12.99) and 2016 Cashmere Black ($14.99) will follow in the summer. Designed in-house, the artwork is centered around the Cashmere “O” that radiates out to create a color-coded graphic bullseye which is embossed and silk-screened for dimension and sheen. The “O” refers to the original spirit of the Clines and their dedication to blends as a long-standing tradition. The closure also has a repeating ray pattern that complements the label, and the Cashmere Rosé and White feature screw cap closures. Fred and Nancy Cline are members of the original Rhone Rangers, and in 1998 they created and donated a half-barrel blend to benefit Hospice du Rhone. The blend was composed of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre with a supple, smooth style that Nancy likened to “liquid cashmere.” The barrel took top dollars at auction and formed the foundation for Cashmere wines. Nancy continues to utilize Cashmere as a platform to help call awareness to important causes. To date, the Cline family has donated over...

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Results from the 2018 East Meets West Wine Challenge

Do you want to help Make America Great Again? Drink more domestic wine. You have no excuse. Local wine abounds. Every state in the union makes wine: some with more success than others. After the most recent East Meets West Wine Competition, it’s clear that pretty much every state produces something uniquely delicious. And that is, after all, the goal of winemaking, whether you’re starting with Cabernet Franc, Carlos, Niagara, raspberries, or peaches. Now in its 47th year, the East Coast Wine Competition merged with the West Coast Wine Competition six years ago, under the direction of Debra del...

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Sidra: Traditional Spanish ciders are making in-roads stateside

The Asturians and Basques of northern Spain have a cider history stretching back thousands of years. Fermented unsulfited with wild yeasts and mostly local apple varieties, traditional Spanish ciders, sidras natural, are bright with acid and bottled still, dry, and unfiltered. Though production processes are largely the same, each cider house, or llagar, uses its own combination of apples—mostly sharps, with a small percentage containing higher tannin levels to give the sidra body. Malolactic fermentation is also an important component in the process, softening the acids and rounding out the flavors, which can range from fruity to funky. One...

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California Gin: A few fascinating gins that capture the magic of the Golden State

As the craft-everything movement continues to take root across the country, producers are drawing inspiration from their surroundings to create beverages that stand apart. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to focus on ingredients that reflect what’s unique about where you are. Gin, with its loose formulaic requirements, offers distillers a perfect opportunity to add local flair. In California, where “garden to glass” and “seed to sip” are hardwired mantras, this means traveling the state’s unique terrain, seeking out native spices and indigenous flora, and drawing inspiration from regional flavors. It also includes tapping into what...

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