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Brandeis Professor Invents Drip-Proof Bottle

Drip, drop, no more dry cleaning! Forget interstellar travel, the scientific breakthrough we’ve really all been waiting for has arrived. In March, it was announced that Brandeis University biophysicist, wine lover, and inventor Daniel Perlman had developed a drip-free wine bottle. Perlman, a renowned inventor with more than 100 patents to his name, spent years studying how liquid flows across a wine bottle’s lip (seriously). He observed drippage was most extreme when a bottle was full or close to it, and discovered a stream of wine tends to curl backward over the lip and run down the side of the...

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Emmeti USA Mechanizes Wax-Dipped Bottles

A wax-dipped bottle sends a message—each colorful drip is a sign that its contents are special. Now, Emmeti USA has created an automated system to replicate the hand-dipped finish. Emmeti’s Wax-On line robotically dips bottles for a consistent (or custom) finish with little human intervention. Bottles pass through an infeed conveyor and, if a pull tab or label orientation is needed, lined up via laser to identical facings. Bottles are efficiently inverted, dipped, swirled, and resettled on the conveyor. The equipment can be a standalone process or combined with other mechanized tasks. Bottling lines are mesmerizing anyway; watching the...

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Brewers Association Helps Members Meet New FDA Requirements

To help small breweries comply with new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) menu labeling requirements, which go into effect May 5, the Brewers Association has developed a beer nutrient database and made the information available free to members on its website. The database offers the average nutritional value of more than 40 craft beers styles, including calories, carbohydrates, total fat, calories from fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, sodium, dietary fiber, sugars, and protein. In December 2016, in response to fears within the industry of prohibitively expensive analysis (each beer style a brewery produced would need to be tested), Brewers Association CEO Bob Pease negotiated with the FDA to make this information available online. Now, instead of paying for products to be tested individually, BA members can choose to provide retailers with an average nutrient analysis instead. Currently there are 41 styles of beer in the database, and expansion is...

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Inside Alcohol Law: The Corruption Chronicles, Part 1 (Guest Column)

The regulatory focus on alcoholic beverage industry corruption has its genesis in the pre-Prohibition American saloon. In the early part of the last century, brewers and distillers used many questionable — and some blatantly unlawful even then — sales techniques, such as excessive credit, free goods, secretly paying employees, consignment sales and other inducements to persuade saloon owners to carry their beer and spirits over competing brands. Preventing the reemergence of those widely used and abusive business practices has been a core concern of alcohol regulators since the early 1930s when Prohibition was repealed. These are the “tied house”...

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