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WX Brands Beefs Up Sales & Marketing

Novato, Calif., based WX Brands has appointed Dan Irving vice president of business development and Natasha Hayes vice president of marketing and DTC for national brands. The hires are part of the company’s expansion of its sales and marketing teams, which include adding three regional sales managers, one international sales manager, and two sales analysts. “These additional resources are part of a scale-up that reflects the evolution of our dual-track business model,” said SVP Global Sales Shawn Schiffer at the time of the announcement. “”We’re excited about growing our company-owned proprietary brands while we continue to develop premium-quality exclusive...

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John Drew Brands Announces Leadership Team

Entrepreneur and “market disruptor” Jonathan Drew has assembled a team to lead his John Drew Brands, which will focus on the alcohol beverage category. Drew will serve as CEO and be joined by President Nancy Berkowitz, National Sales Manager Steve Chernoff, and National Director of Brand Development Frank Moreno. Also supporting the new venture are Joey Reichenbach and Sam Morales, creative director and director of marketing at Drew Estate, respectively (DE is the premium cigar company Drew founded in 1998). John Drew Brands’ first product releases include Brixton Mash Destroyer (a blend of Kentucky bourbon and Florida rum), Dove...

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Inside Cider: Cider on the Cusp

The California wine industry is such a powerhouse that it’s easy to forget that it wasn’t always so. American wine was barely alive by the end of Prohibition. California grape farmers had largely switched to growing raisin and table grapes. In the decades following repeal of the Volstead Act, winemakers were content to use grapes such as Thompson Seedless to make the sweet and/or fortified wines then popular with consumers. Without an informed body of wine drinkers, there was little incentive to change, especially for farmers. Grapes were sold based on their sugar content, and winemakers were generally unwilling...

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Inside Spirits: Lessons from the Barrel Shortage

At a 2014 craft spirits conference in Seattle, Wash., I gave an hour-long presentation about barrels. I was somewhat shocked at the time to find more than 100 people packing the small room, with many who couldn’t get in craning their heads in the doorway. I feared everyone expected something more entertaining than, you know, a talk about staves and bungs. But I soon learned they just wanted to know where they could buy barrels: The Great Barrel Shortage of 2014-15 was underway. By most accounts, the shortage was the result of a three-way collision. First, bourbon was on...

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Inside Beer: Playing the Hops Market

As critical as hops are in beer, you might expect growers, brokers, and brewers to have their supply systems dialed in to ensure sufficient quantities of the desired varieties meet everyone’s needs. Surprisingly, this isn’t always the case. Every few years, reports of a hops shortage or an oversupply ripple through the industry, causing minor panic and sending prices either shooting skyward or tumbling back to earth. Maybe there’s a drought, an unanticipated surge in demand for a certain hops variety, or too many brewers contract for more hops than they end up needing (which creates a glut of...

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