The Pickle House has taken a major step into the retail market by launching its range of award-winning non-alcoholic mixers into John Lewis.

The range of deliciously different pickle infused juices will be available in the retail giant’s food halls from 11 March onwards.

The Pickle House was founded by Florence Cherruault after first being introduced to the idea of drinking pickle juice whilst on a trip to New York. After many months concocting different flavoured pickles in her flat in Hackney, London she launched their Original Pickle Juice. This soon led to the introduction of their Spiced Tomato Mix, a blend of tomato juice, fresh horseradish, vegan Worcester sauce, spices and their infamous Original Pickle Juice allowing for a consistently great tasting and delicious  Bloody Mary

Shoppers looking for the perfect natural pickle infused mixer will be able to choose from Original Pickle Juice 500ml (£6.95) and Spiced Tomato Mix 750ml (£4.50).

The Pickle House founder Florence Cherruault said: “Until now, our main focus has been the on-trade, which has seen many successful partnerships with bars, restaurants and hotels around the UK.

“With increased public demand we’re now branching out into retail, and really excited to be taking our first step with John Lewis food halls.”

The Pickle House range is   Currently stocked in more than 300 venues around the UK, including Everyman Cinemas, Selfridges, BrewDog, Honest Burgers, Nobu and Grind London.

Carefully crafted to be enjoyed with cocktails and smoothies, each mix is made with local natural ingredients on the family farm in Suffolk.

Florence added: “Our Original Pickle Juice is brewed for 6 months for a unique flavour that’s both sweet and savoury, while our Spiced Tomato Mix is smooth and strong, for an unforgettable Bloody Mary.”

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