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All-Access Passes on Sale for 2018 BevCon® Set for August 19-21 in Los Angeles, California

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact:                Angel Postell 843-557-4077   Debbie Rizzo 617-233-8024    All-Access Passes on Sale for 2018 BevCon® Set for August 19-21 in Los Angeles, California   Presenters Announced for the Annual Beverage Industry Conference     CHARLESTON, SC—March 19, 2018— BevCon®, an annual beverage industry-only conference taking place at the LINE Hotel in Koreatown, Los Angeles on August 19-21, 2018, announced that All-Access Passes are now on sale. Passes are $600 a person and include access into two and a half days of Learning Sessions, breakfast and lunch on Monday and Tuesday, admission to the Opening Night Party and Closing Happy Hour, admission to the Meet-the-Maker Tastings, and souvenir bag and coffee mug. From March 19-26, there is an Early Bird Rate courtesy of SevenFifty for $550.   BevCon® also announced several featured Presenters for the year including: Aaron Polsky, Harvard & Stone Aaron Sherman, SevenFifty Adam Dulye, Brewers Association and Alba Huerta, Julep Alice Cheng, Culinary Agents Andre Mack, Mouton Noir Wines Angie Fetherston, Drink Company Baron Ziegler, Banshee Wines and Valkyrie Selections Bob Yule, Long Story Short Media Brad Thomas Parsons, writer Christian Krogstad, House Spirits Distillery Claire Bertin-Lang, CBL Liquid Consulting Clint Sloan, Banshee Wines and Valkyrie Selections Daniel Singer, Filthy Food Derek Brown, Drink Company Eric Railsback, Lieu Dit Winery Eric Seed, Haus Alpenz Erica Duecy, SevenFifty Daily Gary Crunkleton, The Crunkleton Hannah Ayres, Field Studio JP Fetherston, Drink Company Jon...

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California Gin: A few fascinating gins that capture the magic of the Golden State

As the craft-everything movement continues to take root across the country, producers are drawing inspiration from their surroundings to create beverages that stand apart. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to focus on ingredients that reflect what’s unique about where you are. Gin, with its loose formulaic requirements, offers distillers a perfect opportunity to add local flair. In California, where “garden to glass” and “seed to sip” are hardwired mantras, this means traveling the state’s unique terrain, seeking out native spices and indigenous flora, and drawing inspiration from regional flavors. It also includes tapping into what...

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The Crawl: San Francisco, Calif.

As one of the pioneering cocktail cities in the 1800s and responsible (alongside New York and London) for the worldwide cocktail renaissance of the past 20 years, San Francisco, Calif., is a city that’s long known how to drink well, and one that starts rather than follows trends. The earliest U.S. craft distillers launched in the Bay Area in the early 1980s (St. George, Germain-Robin), and craft beer was jump-started in San Francisco in the 1960s, thanks to visionary Fritz Maytag at Anchor Brewing. Surrounding wine countries—from Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino counties to the Santa Cruz mountains—are legendary. With...

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Tinkering with the Formula: One scientist’s take on the effectiveness of rapid maturation techniques for brown spirits

Traditionally, brown spirits maturation takes place over many years, mainly in oak barrels or casks carefully nestled in large rickhouses, following the centuries-old formula: alcohol + oak + time = deliciousness. Within the past decade, though, an increasing number of craft distillers have started to look for alternate (read: faster) maturation processes. In doing so, they appear unaware that major bourbon and Scotch whisky producers have been experimenting with acceleration methods for more than 80 years but have declined to adopt rapid maturation for their own purposes. The simple reason may be that maturation is such a vast and...

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All for One: Beverage producers work together for promotional and philanthropic reasons.

The act of making a beautiful beverage—the chosen techniques and ingredients, as well as the resulting style—reflect an artist’s hand. And when beverage producers come together to create a special release, the resulting product is, invariably, more than the sum of its parts. Jim Watkins, cofounder and managing director of Sociable Cidery in Minneapolis, Minn., knows every possible problem that can crop up in a product collaboration, whether with another cidery, a brewery, or a distillery. First, of course, there are the reams of regulatory paperwork to negotiate, which are even more complicated when he and his collaborator produce...

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