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Glass Act: In the wine industry, bottle and closure choices are an important part of brand messaging.

In a tradition-bound industry like wine, trendiness probably isn’t the most desirable trait. When it comes to the building blocks of winemaking, producers tend to revere Old-World techniques and styles—methods such as reductive fermentation, gravity-flow racking, and barrel aging—that leave little room for improvement. Even modern-day bottles adhere to centuries-old standards of shapes, sizes, and colors. “The wine market has historically been very conservative when it comes to packaging,” says Raul Parades, director of design for Owens-Illinois. “But that’s beginning to change. What it wants most is ways to make the familiar look new. “All beverage producers are looking...

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Mobile Is Mandatory: Optimized websites are ground zero for e-commerce

An effective website is imperative for any consumer-facing business. Today’s beverage marketers need to reach consumers in meaningful ways, and websites are fundamental for such a task. Multiple factors contribute to a great website, but it begins with three foundational principles: graphics that accurately portray the brand image, intuitive navigation, and optimized functionality. Because consumers are on the go, mobile optimization is critical, says Astra Digital Marketing CEO Ron Scharman. “More than 60 percent of people are accessing websites on mobile devices; 65 to 70 percent of people read their email on mobile.” This warrants a “mobile first” approach...

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Editor’s Toast: Inspiration Abounds

I’m feeling inspired. In March, I attended the Women of the Vine & Spirits Global Symposium. Now in its third year, this gathering of executives, makers, marketers, distributors, sellers, and storytellers was equal parts inspiration and information. Each keynote speech and panel discussion offered valuable take-aways, while lunches and mixers provided casual networking opportunities. An impressive lineup of internationally renowned speakers included innovators and pioneers, such as Susana Balbo (Susana Balbo Wines, Argentina), Maggie Henriquez (Krug Maison de Champagne, France), and Dr. Makaziwe Mandela (House of Mandela, South Africa). Just sharing the air with these accomplished women—with all those...

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Inside Social Marketing: Mind Your Social Media Messaging (Guest Column)

There’s an important moment in your brand’s history that needs pointing out. I call it the “Christmas Conversation.” You were spending time with friends or family, and a tech-savvy person cornered you. Their passion for a particular social media channel oozed from them and got all over you. They told you that you must use it, everyone is using it, and you aren’t doing social right until you are as well. You felt embarrassed that you hadn’t been using it and promised to try. This is where the disaster starts.   The right way The first and most important...

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Chocolate SideCar Makes a Delicious Garnish

How many times, while wine tasting, have you been given a small piece of chocolate to enhance the flavors in your glass? Or wished for a nibble while sipping a chocolatini? Or, really, just wanted to up the ante on your favorite liquid dessert? East Coast chocolatier David Little has created the Chocolate SideCar just for you. Made from premium Belgian and Italian chocolate, the discs are notched to fit the rim of most glassware and can be customized with a company logo, statement, or graphic. Recently added are the varietal SideCar pairings, imprinted to match a particular type...

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