The world’s most awarded tequila line transforms its 200-year-old añejo recipe with a port wine cask finish, and then filtration into a crystal clear ultra-premium expression

1800® Tequila, the world’s most awarded tequila line, introduces 1800 Cristalino, a new ultra-premium expression uniquely finished in port wine barrels. As the latest category definition within tequila, Cristalino is a smooth, deep tasting and crystal clear sipping spirit for tequila-lovers who appreciate complex añejos. Combining its 200-year-old 1800 Añejo tequila recipe with a port wine cask finish, 1800 Cristalino offers a crystalline expression packaged in an elegant and eye-catching, luxe glass bottle.

Starting with 1800 Añejo’s recipe, Mexico’s most awarded añejo, 1800 Cristalino is first aged for 16 months in both new American and French oak barrels. The liquid is then married together and finished in port wine casks for an additional six months, creating a finish unique to 1800 Cristalino. Lastly, the liquid transforms through a careful filtering process to leave a smoother, colorless tequila with primary aromatic notes of balanced roasted wood, as well as tasting notes of caramel, honey, vanilla and porto wood.

Similar to precious gems, 1800 Cristalino uses raw, natural materials that transform through time, pressure, craftsmanship and care. Cristalino’s liquid journey of premium ingredients and distillation is described through the 4Cs (Carat, Cut, Color, Clarity).

Carat – just as a jewel’s weight denotes value, 100% blue Weber agave is harvested by expert jimadores when it has reached the best conditions of maturity, yielding a greater concentration of sugars and flavors, and ultimately increasing its merit.

Cut – most commonly mistaken for the shape of a gem, cut actually refers to the symmetry and polish which affects how a gem interacts with light. Cut is crucial to the final beauty for the wearer, whereas tequila distillation is critical to the final taste for the drinker. 1800 Tequila is double distilled using copper stills for a smoother, cleaner flavor and begins with a special selection of white tequilas blended together for added complexity and character.

Color – absorption of transition metals give precious gems their colors during formation, while 1800 Añejo darkens as it matures in both new American and French oak barrels for 16 months. The liquid is then married together and finished in port wine casks for an additional six months, a finish unique to 1800 Cristalino.

Clarity – clarity is the visual appearance of a diamond and a flawless diamond has no imperfections. After 1800 Añejo goes through a careful filtering process, it transforms into 1800 Cristalino, a flawless, smoother and crystal clear sipping tequila. This process magnifies the flavor and aromas offered from the barrels while maintaining the herbal and sweet notes from the agave.

“1800 Cristalino is unlike any other Cristalino on the market,” says Master Distiller and Head of Production Alex Coronado. “After the 1800 Añejo is aged in new American and French barrels, the liquid is married together to be finished in port wine casks, something no other tequila brand has done. Finally, the liquid is transformed into a smoother, crystal clear and more complex añejo tequila, merging both the visual and sensory.”

As a prestige offering from the brand, 1800 Cristalino is packaged in a light-catching 750ml luxe cut glass prism bottle, and is available in select markets for $65. Cristalino can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, or can transform tequila cocktails with more depth and quality. For more information about 1800 Cristalino, its unique distillation process and its exquisite taste profile, please visit

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