2020 Best Alternative Closures: NimbleJack Partners’ Heinz Heidenreich

Founded in 2017, NimbleJack Partners prides itself on its hands-on approach to customer service. “We’re extremely detail-oriented,” says Colleen Heidenreich, owner and COO, who founded the company with Heinz Heidenreich, owner and business developer, after spending years in the wine business. “People bring in their bottles and we test them to see if the top they want to use will work. We help with design if they don’t have a designer, and work closely with designers when they do,” she says.

NimbleJack, a greater Atlanta, Ga.-based company, carries a wide array of products for spirits and wine producers, from natural cork (including the exclusive Jack100 line, which offers custom-shaped bar tops made of 100 percent natural cork from Portugal) to synthetic bartops (exclusively representing Supercap, produced in Italy and Mexico), capsules, bar tops crafted with a choice of materials, and beyond. Soon it will begin providing locally produced glass spirits bottles.

2020 Best Alternative Closures: NimbleJack Partners’ Colleen Heidenreich

“We love what we do,” says Heidenreich. “We love our customers and suppliers. We’re ramping up fast and we’ve vetted our partners carefully to see who has great products that we want to represent. We aren’t a broker, we’re the direct sales leg for an exclusive family of products not otherwise available to U.S. customers.”

The Heidenreichs have their sights set on becoming the premier supplier to every spirits brand in the United States. Winning a Spirited award is a great next step. “Thank you [Spirited readers] for trusting us on our journey to building amazing brands!”