2020 Best Canning Equipment: Codi Manufacturing

When Golden, Colo.-based Codi Manufacturing began manufacturing canning-related equipment more than 25 years ago, it began with conveyors for two-piece cans. A few years later, it moved into case conveying and added the ability to use thinner packing materials. Clients have included Coke, Pepsi, Anheuser Busch, Miller-Coors, and the like.

“As the craft brewery industry grew, customers came to us seeking a filling system for their products,” says Jared Jones, COO. “Development took several years, and we’re still perfecting it. We improve and innovate machines based on customer feedback.”

And that seems to be Codi’s mantra: Continually developing new products based on customer feedback. “We have about 10 new products coming out in the next couple months,” says Jones, noting the company has grown both sustainably and significantly over the past few years. “When COVID-19 hit, we didn’t do layoffs at our main facility,” he says. “Some people quit, and now we’re looking to hire them back and to grow more.”

Another thing that sets Codi apart is that its high-quality machines cost significantly less than comparable ones. “All our processes are dialed-in,” says Jones. “We came from machines crafted for big producers and scaled down to craft, all the while knowing budgets are different. There’s always a lot of new stuff going on. It’s good stress because it keeps us moving in the right direction.