Apologue Launches Spirited Liqueur Brand in Chicago
Violet Hour Alum Raises the Bar with All-Natural Liqueur Line Featuring Unique Ingredients

Apologue founders Robby Haynes, Jordan Tepper and Ziyad Asrar are shifting the paradigm for what liqueur can be with their new line of palate-provoking, spirited liqueurs. More savory than sweet, expressions include Aronia Berry, Celery Root and Persimmon. The liqueurs are responsibly sweetened with organic cane sugar and feature full ingredient transparency right on the label, spotlighting the fruits, roots, herbs and barks in each bottle.

Violet Hour alum Robby has quietly influenced food and beverage culture in the city for the past ten years, developing Letherbee Distillers’ industry favorite BËSK and opening Logan Square’s critic-favorite Analogue (RIP). Complementing Robby’s vision, Jordan utilizes his background in food and beverage consulting to cultivate local supplier and grower relationships and lead community engagement. Ziyad’s experience running bar programs such as La Sirena Clandestina coupled with his background in music makes him well suite for his role overseeing programming, cultural events and sales. Producing out of Soltis Family Distillery on the South Side, Apologue leveraged a unique set of experienced palates and makers to bring something new and unexpected to the cocktail scene.

By creating balanced and multi-faceted liqueurs, Apologue offers great versatility for both home-drinkers and professional bartenders alike. The progressive liqueurs lend themselves to elevated casual cocktails at home with the addition of tonic, spirits or beer, as well as serve as a unique tool in mixologists’ arsenals. Featured on bar menus across the city including Cindy’s Rooftop, Leña Brava, Spiaggia, Ludlow Liquors, Daisies, Prairie School and The Violet Hour, Apologue has quickly established itself as a new favorite amongst Chicago’s bar community. Apologue is currently available in-store and online at Foxtrot and Binnys ($35) with plans to gradually expand production to meet consumer demand in additional markets.


Aronia Berry | 48 Proof
Waves of aronia berry, tart cherry and raspberry give way to soft floral overtones of lavender and rosehip with a touch of cinnamon. Works well with Prosecco, cider or wheat beer for an elevated experience. Great for lower proof brunch cocktails and day drinks.

Persimmon | 54 Proof
Built for bartenders, this bittersweet liqueur makes for a refreshing and complex aperitivo. With hints of spice, citrus and rhubarb, it can be enjoyed on it’s own over ice, as a spritz or as an interesting twist on Negronis and other classic cocktails.

Celery Root | 74 Proof
For the adventurous. Herbaceous, savory, and intriguing. Snappy celery root flavor finishes with subtle hints of dill, tarragon, fennel and lemon peel. Great with tonic, dry vermouth or in a Margarita or Bloody Mary. Plays well with gin and mezcal. Awesome with oysters and other seafood dishes.


Apologue crafts spirited liqueurs from entirely natural ingredients. By blending traditional production methods with a progressive mindset, Apologue creates liqueurs that are equal parts delicious, adventurous and versatile. Apologue’s liqueurs each feature unique, regional ingredients. Initial expressions include Aronia Berry, Celery Root and Persimmon. From the back bar to the home bar, Apologue elevates even the simplest of cocktails. For more information, please visit www.apologueliqueurs.com


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