(New York, NY) — Barsys, the company committed to cocktail perfection, is announcing the launch version 2.0. The robot bartender is back and better than ever, with new features and upgrades that will continue to elevate the party experience. Upgrades aren’t limited to hardware, the iOS and Android compatible app has been revamped to be even more user-friendly and outfitted with more cocktail recipes to choose from, including original recipes from leading mixologists and influencers. Controlling the machine has never been easier, the only hard part is choosing which drinks to serve.

“Not everyone can be a mixologist, and that’s where Barsys comes in,” said Akshet Tewari, Barsys Founder and CEO. “The home bartending experience has been the same for far too long. We aim to empower customers to serve great cocktails and create an unforgettable experience anywhere.”

New features include:

  • Cocktail recipes by social media’s top mixologists and popular influencers including: @Choupettesdiary,  @theglassclass, @BeautifulBooze, @mix_o_logic, and more

  • AI learning that tracks the pressurization and depressurization throughout the cocktail making process for optimal accuracy

  • Addition of eject button for mixers, making it even easier to change out ingredient options

  • Self-diagnostic feature that will alert Barsys team of any issues

  • Ability to connect up to three devices to a single machine through bluetooth

  • Upgraded accessories with sleek new design that prevents leaking

  • Redesigned app with increased user capability and customization

  • New system making bottles easier to remove and mess-free

The upgraded robotic cocktail maker will be priced at $1,500 and available for purchase July 22nd. This launch marks the discontinuation of 1.0. Existing customers can update their apps to also receive all software updates.

A B2B version is also available for lease or purchase that will additionally include data analytics. For businesses, the robotic bar reduces alcohol waste by distributing an exact pour every time. Barsys will never replace a good bartender, but can free them up to make more complicated drinks and interact with customers. Through the portal, businesses will also be able to track the popularity of different drinks, how much alcohol is consumed, and the rate of consumption at various hours of the day.

To purchase, visit www.Barsys.io. Keep up with news and information by following on Instagram (@Barsys_cocktail).

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