Leveraging Broken Shed’s Accomplished Sales Team, the Collaboration Will Expand Distribution for Rum Co. of Fiji in the U.S.

Broken Shed Vodka (www.brokenshed.com), a super-premium and award-winning vodka made in New Zealand, is pleased to announce a partnership with Rum Co. of Fiji (www.rumcooffiji.com), an exciting and premium rum brand from Fiji that has won over 100 international awards across numerous competitions since 1980. The newly signed partnership, effective December 1, 2020, will allow for Rum Co. of Fiji to expand their USA distribution in California via collaboration with Broken Shed’s talented, dedicated and passionate sales force.

“At Broken Shed, we pride ourselves on the strong and experienced sales team we have built. We approach the market with innovative strategies and well-defined focus in all of our markets,” says Steve Bellini, President of Broken Shed Vodka. “We look forward to a strong partnership with the award-winning Rum Co. of Fiji. We are confident that this collaboration will benefit us all, especially in consideration of the rapidly-changing landscape in the spirits industry.”

Both brands are excited to expand distribution, increase their offerings to trade and provide customers access to world-class premium spirits. Under this agreement, each company remains independent while using the expertise of the Broken Shed team to promote the combined portfolio of brands in the U.S. Broken Shed Vodka and Rum Co. of Fiji are distributed in California by Young’s Market Company.

“This is a really exciting partnership and opportunity for us and our brands” says Heath Baker, Head of International Alcohol. “We are already seeing good success in California and we have confidence that through our partnership with Broken Shed Vodka, and their strong sales expertise, we will continue to build on this success and grow our distribution base even further across California so that more consumers can experience our award-winning rum from Fiji.”

Broken Shed Vodka has also held a partnership with Southern Distilling Company, one of the largest American craft distilleries (www.SouthernDistilling.com), since 2019 to promote their premium Southern Star product line, including Double Shot Bourbon Cream Liqueur, The Standard Straight Bourbon Whiskey, and Double Rye Whiskey in MS, AL, VT, ME, NC, MI, and CT markets.

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