Favorite Charleston destination ​Striped Pig Distillery​, an award-winning ​Local Choice Spirits​ company, is proud to add another first to its accolades with the launch of South Carolina’s very first organic vodka – ​Charleston Organic​. Crafted with the highest quality, certified organic ingredients, Charleston Organic delivers a perfectly pure, extremely crisp and clean taste, enhancing the partner companies’ stellar lineup of premium local spirits and brands. Limited in availability, organic spirits produced in the USA make up a very small percentage of consumed spirits. An organic vodka has been missing from the local marketplace until now.
Organic spirits reduce exposure to harmful chemicals and additives, have a lighter carbon footprint than imported spirits, and support local jobs and economy. Consumers want to know that what they’re buying is an all around responsible choice, owner Pixie Paula Dezzutti explained. “Our distillery committed to the process of obtaining organic certification to bring our customers this locally crafted organic vodka they’re really going to enjoy and feel good about,” said Pixie.
Striped Pig is Charleston’s first distillery since prohibition and has been serving up exceptional spirits since it opened its doors in 2013. While the woman-owned, family run business has always been passionate about its products and supporting local farmers and community, an organic vodka seemed like a natural addition to its product portfolio as it provides another great option for the conscious consumer to enjoy and recognize as being better for them, the community, and the environment. The development of this product reflects the continuation of the Local Choice Spirits and Striped Pig Distillery legacies as small businesses that are committed to innovating premium, enjoyable spirits that support, celebrate, and enrich the local community and beyond.
Charleston Organic ​is currently available to purchase in Charleston, South Carolina at the Striped Pig Distillery and will be available in package stores, restaurants, and bars through our distributor Republic National Distributing Company.

LocalChoice Spirits and Striped Pig Distillery​ are owned by Charleston resident entrepreneur Pixie Paula Dezzutti, who is also the owner of Charleston’s first, preeminent women’s empowerment magazine ​Skirt​, and Pixie Records, a music management and branding platform #MusicMediaMagic. Disrupting the alcohol industry since 2010, Local Choice produces award-winning branded and private label products/offerings for celebrities and influencers. Sip&Share​ is its give back initiative that puts profits from sales back into the community. A top destination in Charleston, Striped Pig is the Holy City’s first distillery since prohibition and accoladed South Carolina’s Distillery of the Year.

To learn more about Local Choice Spirits, Striped Pig Distillery, and their products, visit: www.localchoicespirits.com​ and ​www.stripedpigdistillery.com

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