ChefsFeed—a media company that connects consumers to the best of everything in food—has officially opened its expert-powered platform to beverage professionals. 

Our free ChefsFeed iOS and Android apps have become a popular way to find new gems both at home and when exploring a new place. Along with this new beverage vertical extension, we’ve added 14 new markets across the country (complete list below) with recommendations on both food and drink. That brings us to over 70 destinations across North America.

In keeping with our award-winning food content, everything you read on drinks comes straight from the best possible source: someone who loves beverage culture just as much as you do.

A press release is here. If you’re interested in sharing this information with your readers, images/videos are HERE.

New ChefsFeed destinations include:

Asheville, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Columbus, Detroit, Ft. Lauderdale, Kansas City, Memphis, Milwaukee, New Jersey, Phoenix, Portland, ME, Raleigh-Durham, and St. Louis

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